Friday, 9 March 2012

Lucie Pockets and Ena Green - Featured Artists

Welcome to our first featured Artist profile for The Marvellous Spring Market on sunday the 25th March @ The Federation Social Club on Claremont Road, Carrington.

Introducing.... Ena Green and Lucie Pockets!

Ena Green

Ena Green is a fabulous textiles artist with an amazing imagination and some wonderful creations. Using felt and other fabrics, she uses her endless creative ideas to come up with some wonderful pieces, from hilarious glove puppets through to gorgeous hanging mobiles with all sorts of themes. Here are a few images of my favourite pieces but be sure to check out her website for more images of what will be on offer on the day!

A can of worms Glove puppet!

A wonderful weather mobile

 Delectable Hand-made Cupcakes of the un-edible kind!

View Ena Green's Website HERE.

Lucie Pockets

An artist of the textile kind, this very talented lady Lucie makes superb dolls and bears, bags and lots more using the most gorgeous vintage and old recycled materials. She creates adorable little dolls that are waiting for a home, they come complete in their own personalised little boxes and have a great attention to detail. Here are some images of our favourites but dont forget to have a good look around the website! There's a real style to Lucie's work that is a MUST SEE as each piece incorporates great beauty and design with humour and a pure 'I must have that' feel.

Lucie Pocket's gorgeous dolls

 Amazing vintage fabric doll

Gorgeous little checked bear

Check out Lucie Pocket's website HERE.

For more info about The Marvellous Spring Market, scroll back for a list of artists and what else to expect on the day and keep an eye out for more featured artist profiles!

xx Big Loves from the MQ team xx

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  1. Thank you for such a beautiful review x
    see you all soon x
    much love Lucie Pockets x