Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Introducing...Jenna Michelle Pink Art - Artistic preview

Jenna Michelle Pink

An artist with a very loud and abstract style that really catches your eyes and emotions. Here's a bit of information from Jenna herself and a few images so you can preview her work before the Marvellous Spring Market on March 25th.

"Much of my art is emotional, abstract and psychedelic in style. Many of my drawings are drawn automatically, almost like extended doodles, this is therapeutic to me. I use the process of creating my work as a way of encouraging self-reflection and self-growth."

Jenna's work is available as originals, prints, greetings cards, postcards, bookmarks amongst other handcrafted items and coverse range of mediums from drawing and painting to photography.

See Jenna and lots more at The Marvellous Spring Market on sunday the 25th March between 11am - 5pm at The Federation Social Club on Claremont Road, Carrington.

Scroll back for more info and artist previews as well as
information about what else to expect on the day!

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