Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bountiful Blossom and Spring-filled smiles - The March Mail out.

Hello MollyQueeners!
MollyQueen have plenty of fabulous news to let you all in on. Not only do we have The Marvellous Spring Market coming up but we’ve got the brilliant news of a merge with another exciting creative business in Nottingham AND lots of opportunities to get involved creatively, either as stall holders or through community project involvement. I’ll try and keep everything brief so that your eyes aren’t rolling by the end of this email, and if anyone would like further information please visit www.mollyqueencollective.blogspot.com or send us an email!
The Marvellous Spring Market
Taking place on Sunday 25th March @ The Federation Social Club on Claremont Road Carrington, is the fantastic spring and Easter themed event with 20 superb stallholders with work ranging from art, textiles, local produce, cup-cakes, plants perfect for planting and lots, lots more. We’ve also got a Circus workshop taking place in the garden suitable for all ages and abilities and a Chicken and Egg hunt for the chiddlers.
There’ll be the usual live music and lovely environment perfect for a springtime meander, pop in to catch up with us, find out about everything we’re up to and buy some beautifully handmade things!
Music From Rosie Hobbs, Will Jeffery and Louis Scott.
11 – 5pm Sunday 25th March. The Postcode for your Satnavs/Google searches is NG5 1BH. There is a large car-park and Wheelchair access from Ebury Road. Give us a shout and we’ll show you the way!
The Merger
MollyQueen are teaming up with The Nottingham Collective who are a well-established collective of artists and creative individuals that are affiliated with several well-known pop-up shops in Nottingham as of late AND had that fabulous log cabin as a part of the Christmas Market. We are very excited to be a part of a larger collective now and are looking forward to lots of exciting projects in the pipeline. We are currently updating and merging our websites so please do check back every now and again as it will be brand sparklingly gorgeous when its done! Big ups and thank you’s to Katie and her wonderful website and design skills.
Face Value
A new event at the Golden Fleece, date TBC that incorporates Art with social commentary and conceptual works. The first event will be focused on beauty and how it is perceived in day to day life with some wonderful photographic work from two of our MQ artists, Paul Dale and Leanne Trappe. There’ll be conceptual pieces from a range of local artists focusing on make-up and appearance and how beauty is un-realistically portrayed in the mass media. There will also be a series of workshops and events including Yoga and relaxation therapies, nutrition based advice and recipe ideas, life coaching and more to give you a lovely sense of well-being and contentment completely separate from appearance. There'll also be a fabulous make-up artist to create beautiful works of art on your very own blank canvas.... your face! Dress Code: Clear faces or as little make-up as you dare to wear! Again, if this sounds intriguing to you and you’d like to be a part of it or have relevant art work or a business that you think will suit the evening then please get in touch with ‘Face’ in the subject box. This event is free but if you like what you see there will be a suggested donation of £2 per person that is completely voluntary and you can hand over the bar. The money will be used to fund the next event, which will be focused on Depression and Mental Health.
 Creative Concessions
We now have a home! Come and see a range of works from the MQ bunch at Hopkinson’s Gallery, we’re upstairs in the ‘Creative concessions’ area and you can’t miss our spot! There are some awesome artist’s with their work up there so be sure to have a look! Also keep an eye out for the opening of Bonnie Creation’s Studio shop as that’s one place you NEED to visit.
Future Events and Information for Stallholders
The dates are still TBC at this stage but there will be another Night Market and a Marvellous Market announced soon. If you are a stallholder and would like to book a place please keep an eye out for the announcement and follow the instructions from the blog.
Group tables at Larger Events
As a part of MollyQueen’s big plan to take over the world and open up creativity to everyone, we’ve decided to put together a way to make the larger, more expensive fairs accessible to everyone, including those without their own transport. We’ve booked larger tables and are splitting them between stallholders at a reduced rate (for a shared table) and included the costs for arranging transport as a collective into that price. Here is the blurb from Lex Watt who will be arranging the upcoming fairs, please contact her for more info or if you are interested in holding a space.
“Hello lovely creative people, as part of the continuing expansion of the MollyQueen Collective we are organising a table sharing scheme at larger craft fairs that would usually be beyond the means of small and independent local creative businesses. We are booking two tables at Elvaston Castle food and craft fair on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May. The event is hosted by The All about tourism marketing group, whom I have booked through before and found very accommodating. It is a large craft fair, in a marquee and is usually very well attended due to the marketing it receives. We are looking for eight people to share the tables, at a cost of £34 each. You do not necessarily have to attend, as there will be two staff on hand each day. If you have transport and can be 'staff' on the days, the cost will be £25 and you will get a fuel donation. Any small side tables or hanging display units would be helpful too! We are looking for a range of goods that fit together nicely so we will get back to you with a reply on whether you are able to join us this time.
Deadline for applications is:  29th March, selections made by 31st
And we would like everybody to be paid up by: 7th April
The next large event after that (so far) is Rufford Abbey,
Dates and prices to be confirmed...”

Please send a paragraph or so about yourself, along with three product Images to: lex@zalisander.com
Get making! -Lex (MQ minion)

Spaces are LIMITED so please get in touch as soon as possible.
Enterprise Nation
MollyQueen have applied for £500 in funding from the fantastic programme by Enterprise Nation and though the votes have now closed until April, we will be asking everyone to vote for us to enable us to recieve the funds. We plan to use the money to help towards lots mroe future events for the community and lcoal creatives as well as expanding our marketing campaign and possibly helping to secure studio space in town! Youc an visit our page to see our proposal but the voting is closed for now. We'll email again as soon as its open and would be vert grateful if you'd take a moment to sign up and vote. The form is very simple and it only takes a moment, yet it will obviously help us in a HUGE way!
Phew! Well, that’s an awful lot to take in; we hope we’ve not rambled on too much! Remember to keep an eye on the blog for featured artist profiles and more information about everything we’ve got going on.
Don’t forget, The MollyQueen Collective have regular meetings open to all on the first Tuesday of every month at The Loft on Mansfield Road. The meetings start at 7pm and are an opportunity to get involved with MQ, see what we are up to and all about and sit and get stuck in to your own creative projects! Bring whatever you are working on, pull up a pew and get involved!
Peace and Sun-shiny Squiggles
The MollyQueen Collective

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