Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Night Market presents...

The Night Market is proud to present, [Word]
A celebration of language, spoken word, poetry and song.

This fabulous event will take place on Tuesday 1st May
@ The Golden Fleece on Mansfield Road

Expect some gorgeous crafts and artwork carefully selected from our huge range of artists to incorporate the word theme, including paper crafts, poetry, illustrations (a picture paints a thousand words!) and lots more.

We'll have Live poetry and poetic song from some verrrrry talented talkers and lots of other lovely things happening. 

Application are now open for Stallholders, please email with 'WORD' in the subject and tell us why your work will fit in with the theme of the event. 

Applications will be reviewed over the following weeks so get in quickly! The spaces are very limited so please register your interest as soon as possible. Application forms will be sent out to all applicants who are accepted. If you are unsuccessful this time, keep an eye out for future events that your work might be more appropriately suited to. The next event will be 'British' themed...... 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Notts Art Showcase @ The City Gallery this Saturday!

Those unfamiliar with the brand spanking new City Gallery will be pleased to hear that there is a fantastic event taking place this weekend, on Saturday in fact, with a showcase of brilliant Nottingham artistic talent (Including a few MollyQueener's thrown into the mix). The venue is in a fabulous location, with an alley entrance coming straight off long-row! If you walk up towards Hockley from the Market Square, you'll see it signposted on your left hand side just next to 'The Works' shop. Admission is free and there will be refreshments available on the day, perhaps even an Easter Egg or two!

Pop along for a browse, families and Children welcome too

The City Gallery Arts Showcase
off the Market Square
Saturday 31st March
9am - 5pm

Elvaston Castle Shared Stall space - Still available!

Hurry hurry! The shared stall space is running out fast, we've had lots of applications but have the increasingly difficult job of selecting applications and work from artists that will compliment each other and aren't too similar. Please email me at and Lex will reply with the information regarding the event. This project has been created to help artists that cannot afford a full table at larger events and struggle with transport issues. We will accept applications from anyone but with an emphasis on stall-holders that would otherwise struggle to attend. There will be other events in the future so if you are unsuccessful in this instance, please keep an eye out for future dates.

Application deadline FAST approaching! Get in quick!

MQ xx

Monday, 26 March 2012

Marvellous Aftermath

Achey feet, tired arms and most of all.....a permanent smile and a buzzing sense of achievement! The atmosphere was lovely, everyone so friendly and joyous at the first signs of spring. We hope you all had as much fun as we had, perhaps we'll master the plate spinning next time!

Thank you to everyone who made it along to the Marvellous Market yesterday, we had a fabulous time, the weather was gorgeous, the music amazing, the food scrummy, the stalls spectacular and the juggling....well, just brilliant!

We'll be posting lots of lovely pics soon so you can spot yourselves in them and kick yourself if you didn't manage to make it. But don't worry.....the next dates are being confirmed this week, with applications being opened soon after! We need a bit of a break first though to recover from all the fun in the sun that took place yesterday!

Coming soon:

The Thought Box - The public's opinion on feminism.
The Night Market Date announcement.
The Marvellous Market Date announcement.
Face Value opening date announcement.


Friday, 23 March 2012

MollyQueen phone out of action!

Those of you that may have been trying to ring us with crafty or market related questions will have found a computerised and robotic voice or rejected messages in response. We do apologise, we've had a bit of bad luck with our previous contract running out and the time it takes to get a new one! 

If you need us please email
(we're checking regularly) 
OR find us on facebook.

Sorry for the inconvenient timing with the Marvellous Market imminent!

New business number to be announced soon. 

See you all on Sunday!
Remember... the clocks Spring forward too!

The Marvellous spring Market
Federation House
Claremont Road, Carrington
11am - 5pm

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Its an Artistic Breakdown yo!

Well... we are here! Four days to go and i'm unable to settle in any position due to the huge amounts of excitement and things to be done! What better way to tantalise your crafty taste buds than to disclose a little more info about the amazing stalls and everything else marvellous that will be showcased at Federation House on Sunday!

Here's a list of stalls and stuff they'll be selling, followed by a bit about the music, the activities and everything else that will be going on!

Dont forget....the clocks SPRING forward on this fine spring weekend, so remember to change the hands on your grandfather and get along early! We're open till 5pm to make sure all you time swindling stragglers can make it, but beware as the UnderGround Bakery may well sell out and Miss Berry's Cupcakes will be securely in MY shopping bag to take home before long!


Assorted Stitches - A wonderful couple of textile talented lovelies with a fabulous range of textile works including bags, scarves and lots more.
Jo's Grows - A perfect selection of plants ready to put down roots for the spring season all home-grown in the borough of Basford.
JMP Art - An amazingly artistic and emotionally encompassing artist with a huge range of work across different mediums.
Katie Stainer - A lovely talented artist of the paper crafting kind, with a range of jewellery, gorgeous cards, ornaments and lots more lovingly created goodies.
Lana's Cards and crafts - A new addition to the Marvellous Market, Lana has a lovely range of handcrafted items with a unique style and quality.
Tracey Meek - a beautifully talented illustrator, Tracey's works also range across different mediums with the same brilliant and edgy style, making it hard to choose which item (or all!) to buy!
Bibusa - Ethically sourced gifts made with African fabrics or lovingly with a twist of african goddess in each item. 
Zalisander contemporary jewellery - superb quality of work, from design, style and presentation to how it hangs on your neckline or fits on your finger.
Bonnie Creations - One of Nottingham's up-coming artists, with a recent studio opening, be sure to check out the find selection of items on sale and find out more about the studio shop! 
Miss Berry's cupcakes - Another local and recent addition to the Marvellous Market, Miss Berry has a gorgeous selection of baked goodies for sale AND offers a beautiful service of hosting a tea party for YOU or your event. Ask her for more info!
Gifts by Genie - An amazing array of trinkets, felt works, brooches, badges, hair clips and lots more. A vibrant display of colour and creativity from one of Nottingham's best kept secrets.
Bees make honey - a beautiful range of bags, brooches and purses with a distinctive style and lots of denim! This talented lady can customise YOUR jeans into a bag even your scraggy old Levi's would be proud of!
Amanda's Crafts - lovely jewellery and some amazing embroidered artwork, this lady has a real skill and will leave your eyeballs impressed with the detail and love that goes into each item.
Rainbow training - A gorgeous selection of flowers in recycled containers with a selection of other lovingly recycled items, and all for charity!
Al's paintings - A little known Nottingham secret, Al will be displaying his artwork in the cafe area of the house.
Cara Amirah - The Henna Fairy will be displaying her lovely range of jewellery and trinkets AND offering Live Henna tattoo work in the corner of the main room. The Henna Fairy has a unique and amazing style to her work with the choice of glitter sprinkles to finish off the effect! Have a look through her portfolio and if Henna isnt your thing, she's also a qualified tattoo artist! Ask her for more info!
Crafty Glass - Lovely glass works with beautiful details and a gorgeous quality.
Jeannie Wear - A very talented and modest seamstress, Jeannie Wear hosts a range of different items each with a superb quality and finish, a fabulous eye for design!
Rosie Hobbs - Crochet work, general creative goodness and a lovely smile! Rosie will also be singing for us so keep an ear out for her heart melting music throughout the day.

Live Music

Will Jeffery will be performing a range of covers for us to keep our crafty spirits high! Louis Scott will be singing his pretty little heart out and Rosie Hobbs is there to add a little femininity to the melodical melee. 


As well as cupcakes from Miss Berry's, The Underground Bakery will be there with a delectable display of gorgeous breads, canapes and other treats. 


Between 1pm and 3pm, Juggling Jugglian will be hosting a Circus Workshop in the garden for everyone willing to get involved with! Free and open to all ages (except perhaps those too young to hold more than one juggling ball....)

The Egg and Chicken hunt

But which came first? Chocolate Eggs and cute little chickens will be dotted around the garden for little fingers to find. 

Card Making Craft Table

Make your Easter cards here! A crafty table for kids and grown ups alike to make Easter cards to take home! Supervision required for little children as there will be scissors and glue!

The Thought Box

Carrying on from The Night Market, we have the Feminism topic to finish. What is feminism to you? Answers on a gift tag. All answers will be used to create an un-bias representation of the 'public voice' on Feminism and what it stands as today. If you arent quite sure, have a read of the somewhat controversial quote next to The Thought Box and see if it entices your neurons into action.


See you there! Sunday 25th March
Federation Social Club
Claremont Road, Carrington
11 - 5pm

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bountiful Blossom and Spring-filled smiles - The March Mail out.

Hello MollyQueeners!
MollyQueen have plenty of fabulous news to let you all in on. Not only do we have The Marvellous Spring Market coming up but we’ve got the brilliant news of a merge with another exciting creative business in Nottingham AND lots of opportunities to get involved creatively, either as stall holders or through community project involvement. I’ll try and keep everything brief so that your eyes aren’t rolling by the end of this email, and if anyone would like further information please visit or send us an email!
The Marvellous Spring Market
Taking place on Sunday 25th March @ The Federation Social Club on Claremont Road Carrington, is the fantastic spring and Easter themed event with 20 superb stallholders with work ranging from art, textiles, local produce, cup-cakes, plants perfect for planting and lots, lots more. We’ve also got a Circus workshop taking place in the garden suitable for all ages and abilities and a Chicken and Egg hunt for the chiddlers.
There’ll be the usual live music and lovely environment perfect for a springtime meander, pop in to catch up with us, find out about everything we’re up to and buy some beautifully handmade things!
Music From Rosie Hobbs, Will Jeffery and Louis Scott.
11 – 5pm Sunday 25th March. The Postcode for your Satnavs/Google searches is NG5 1BH. There is a large car-park and Wheelchair access from Ebury Road. Give us a shout and we’ll show you the way!
The Merger
MollyQueen are teaming up with The Nottingham Collective who are a well-established collective of artists and creative individuals that are affiliated with several well-known pop-up shops in Nottingham as of late AND had that fabulous log cabin as a part of the Christmas Market. We are very excited to be a part of a larger collective now and are looking forward to lots of exciting projects in the pipeline. We are currently updating and merging our websites so please do check back every now and again as it will be brand sparklingly gorgeous when its done! Big ups and thank you’s to Katie and her wonderful website and design skills.
Face Value
A new event at the Golden Fleece, date TBC that incorporates Art with social commentary and conceptual works. The first event will be focused on beauty and how it is perceived in day to day life with some wonderful photographic work from two of our MQ artists, Paul Dale and Leanne Trappe. There’ll be conceptual pieces from a range of local artists focusing on make-up and appearance and how beauty is un-realistically portrayed in the mass media. There will also be a series of workshops and events including Yoga and relaxation therapies, nutrition based advice and recipe ideas, life coaching and more to give you a lovely sense of well-being and contentment completely separate from appearance. There'll also be a fabulous make-up artist to create beautiful works of art on your very own blank canvas.... your face! Dress Code: Clear faces or as little make-up as you dare to wear! Again, if this sounds intriguing to you and you’d like to be a part of it or have relevant art work or a business that you think will suit the evening then please get in touch with ‘Face’ in the subject box. This event is free but if you like what you see there will be a suggested donation of £2 per person that is completely voluntary and you can hand over the bar. The money will be used to fund the next event, which will be focused on Depression and Mental Health.
 Creative Concessions
We now have a home! Come and see a range of works from the MQ bunch at Hopkinson’s Gallery, we’re upstairs in the ‘Creative concessions’ area and you can’t miss our spot! There are some awesome artist’s with their work up there so be sure to have a look! Also keep an eye out for the opening of Bonnie Creation’s Studio shop as that’s one place you NEED to visit.
Future Events and Information for Stallholders
The dates are still TBC at this stage but there will be another Night Market and a Marvellous Market announced soon. If you are a stallholder and would like to book a place please keep an eye out for the announcement and follow the instructions from the blog.
Group tables at Larger Events
As a part of MollyQueen’s big plan to take over the world and open up creativity to everyone, we’ve decided to put together a way to make the larger, more expensive fairs accessible to everyone, including those without their own transport. We’ve booked larger tables and are splitting them between stallholders at a reduced rate (for a shared table) and included the costs for arranging transport as a collective into that price. Here is the blurb from Lex Watt who will be arranging the upcoming fairs, please contact her for more info or if you are interested in holding a space.
“Hello lovely creative people, as part of the continuing expansion of the MollyQueen Collective we are organising a table sharing scheme at larger craft fairs that would usually be beyond the means of small and independent local creative businesses. We are booking two tables at Elvaston Castle food and craft fair on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May. The event is hosted by The All about tourism marketing group, whom I have booked through before and found very accommodating. It is a large craft fair, in a marquee and is usually very well attended due to the marketing it receives. We are looking for eight people to share the tables, at a cost of £34 each. You do not necessarily have to attend, as there will be two staff on hand each day. If you have transport and can be 'staff' on the days, the cost will be £25 and you will get a fuel donation. Any small side tables or hanging display units would be helpful too! We are looking for a range of goods that fit together nicely so we will get back to you with a reply on whether you are able to join us this time.
Deadline for applications is:  29th March, selections made by 31st
And we would like everybody to be paid up by: 7th April
The next large event after that (so far) is Rufford Abbey,
Dates and prices to be confirmed...”

Please send a paragraph or so about yourself, along with three product Images to:
Get making! -Lex (MQ minion)

Spaces are LIMITED so please get in touch as soon as possible.
Enterprise Nation
MollyQueen have applied for £500 in funding from the fantastic programme by Enterprise Nation and though the votes have now closed until April, we will be asking everyone to vote for us to enable us to recieve the funds. We plan to use the money to help towards lots mroe future events for the community and lcoal creatives as well as expanding our marketing campaign and possibly helping to secure studio space in town! Youc an visit our page to see our proposal but the voting is closed for now. We'll email again as soon as its open and would be vert grateful if you'd take a moment to sign up and vote. The form is very simple and it only takes a moment, yet it will obviously help us in a HUGE way!
Phew! Well, that’s an awful lot to take in; we hope we’ve not rambled on too much! Remember to keep an eye on the blog for featured artist profiles and more information about everything we’ve got going on.
Don’t forget, The MollyQueen Collective have regular meetings open to all on the first Tuesday of every month at The Loft on Mansfield Road. The meetings start at 7pm and are an opportunity to get involved with MQ, see what we are up to and all about and sit and get stuck in to your own creative projects! Bring whatever you are working on, pull up a pew and get involved!
Peace and Sun-shiny Squiggles
The MollyQueen Collective

Friday, 16 March 2012

Free Circus Workshop @ The Marvellous Spring Market!

From 1pm, Jugglian Julian will be entertaining all with his amazing circus skills in the garden area whatever the weather! We'll have a sheltered area so not even 'March showers' should put you off. Julian is a superb juggler and an amazing unicyclist... Pop along between 1pm and 3pm for a spot of juggling, rings, scarves, diabolo's, devil sticks , spinning plates, hoola hoops and poi! Open to all and freee!

The Marvellous Spring Market
Sunday 25th March
11 - 5pm

@ Federation House, Claremont Road, Carrington

Julian is an accomplished public entertainer and circus skills teacher with 5 years experience in facilitating circus skills workshop activities within Nottinghamshire and adjoining areas. Circus skills workshops are ideal for all ages and abilities and Julian can accommodate and provide equipment for up to 20 participants at any one time.

Julian is also available for private tuition and to perform at private parties, weddings, corporate events, local schools, nursing homes, hospitals, festivals, fairs, fetes, carnivals and parades.

Whatever the reason or occasion,
transform your event into a
FuNtAsTiC experience.

Dont forget, we've also got 20 fabulous stallholders with a huge range of works, some wonderful Live music to warm your pretty little ears and scrummy food, artwork and lots more!

There's also a Chicken and Egg hunt that will be taking place throughout the whole venue to keep those little fingers entertained while you browse.

See you there!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Introducing...Jenna Michelle Pink Art - Artistic preview

Jenna Michelle Pink

An artist with a very loud and abstract style that really catches your eyes and emotions. Here's a bit of information from Jenna herself and a few images so you can preview her work before the Marvellous Spring Market on March 25th.

"Much of my art is emotional, abstract and psychedelic in style. Many of my drawings are drawn automatically, almost like extended doodles, this is therapeutic to me. I use the process of creating my work as a way of encouraging self-reflection and self-growth."

Jenna's work is available as originals, prints, greetings cards, postcards, bookmarks amongst other handcrafted items and coverse range of mediums from drawing and painting to photography.

See Jenna and lots more at The Marvellous Spring Market on sunday the 25th March between 11am - 5pm at The Federation Social Club on Claremont Road, Carrington.

Scroll back for more info and artist previews as well as
information about what else to expect on the day!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Lucie Pockets and Ena Green - Featured Artists

Welcome to our first featured Artist profile for The Marvellous Spring Market on sunday the 25th March @ The Federation Social Club on Claremont Road, Carrington.

Introducing.... Ena Green and Lucie Pockets!

Ena Green

Ena Green is a fabulous textiles artist with an amazing imagination and some wonderful creations. Using felt and other fabrics, she uses her endless creative ideas to come up with some wonderful pieces, from hilarious glove puppets through to gorgeous hanging mobiles with all sorts of themes. Here are a few images of my favourite pieces but be sure to check out her website for more images of what will be on offer on the day!

A can of worms Glove puppet!

A wonderful weather mobile

 Delectable Hand-made Cupcakes of the un-edible kind!

View Ena Green's Website HERE.

Lucie Pockets

An artist of the textile kind, this very talented lady Lucie makes superb dolls and bears, bags and lots more using the most gorgeous vintage and old recycled materials. She creates adorable little dolls that are waiting for a home, they come complete in their own personalised little boxes and have a great attention to detail. Here are some images of our favourites but dont forget to have a good look around the website! There's a real style to Lucie's work that is a MUST SEE as each piece incorporates great beauty and design with humour and a pure 'I must have that' feel.

Lucie Pocket's gorgeous dolls

 Amazing vintage fabric doll

Gorgeous little checked bear

Check out Lucie Pocket's website HERE.

For more info about The Marvellous Spring Market, scroll back for a list of artists and what else to expect on the day and keep an eye out for more featured artist profiles!

xx Big Loves from the MQ team xx

The Marvellous Spring Market - Artist Announcement!

Its here! Its the Artist announcement day! Molly Queen's Marvellous Spring Market is now fully booked and we cant wait to take over The Federation Social Club with our hoards of artists and crafters, musicians, gorgeous food, cupcakes, tea and coffee, community art projects, circus workshop and LOTS more!

Here is the list of Artists that will be featured on the day and everything else that you can expect to see. Check back over the next few weeks to see more detailed information on each of our artists and more info about everything else that will be truly, spectacularly marvellous.

Jo's Grows - Lovely home-grown plants and pots perfect for spring time planting!
The Henna Fairy - Amazingly detailed henna tattoos from an impressive tattoo artist (check out her portfolio!) as well as a lovely range of jewellery and other trinkets.
JMP Art - Fantastic work from one of Nottingham's finest artists.
Katie Stainer - Contemporary paper-crafts, jewellery and more!
Assorted Stitches - Fabulous home-made textile works, bags, purses and more.
Lana's Cards and Crafts - Exactly what it says on the tin! Cards and Crafts from the lovely Lana.
Tracy Meek - One of our personal favourites, Tracy is an illustrator with an amazing range of work.
Bibusa - Ethical African crafts and gifts put together by one marvellous lady.
Zalisander - Contemporary jewellery by a fabulous Nottingham designer.
Miss Berry's Cupcakes - Gorgeous, scrummy cupcakes of the tasty variety.
Gifts by Genie - Wonderful works of art in felt, brooches, badges, headbands and lots lots more!
Hotwire - Jewellery and amazing embroidered art.
Rainbow training - Flowers and fabulous recycled bottle-cap bags and all for charity!
Bees Make Honey - A truly talented designer, bags purses and lots more all sprinkled with love and honey and lots of sewing skills.
Al Robert - Works from a little-known, talented painter will be showcased throughout the cafe.
Crafty Glass - Crafty glass works and lots more!
Jeannie Wear - A wide range of textile work from a very talented textiles designer based in Sherwood.
Ena Green - an amazing array of work including felt mobiles and the infamous 'can of worms' glove puppet.
Lucie Pockets - amazing dolls and other things made from beautiful old fabrics and recycled into glorious and gorgeous works of art. 
Rosie Hobbs - General creative amazing-ness and crochet work. 
Bonnie Creations - Record work, clocks, bowls, gorgeous jewellery and lots more.

Dont forget there's also some yummy food from The UnderGround Bakery,an Easter Egg + Chicken Hunt, community art projects and a free Circus Workshop in the garden!

Live Music throughout the day, including the wonderful and multi-talented 
Rosie Hobbs with more TBC

Check back soon for more!

The Marvellous Spring Market
Sunday 25th March
11 - 5pm
The Federation Social Club
Claremont Road, Carrington

If you are a stall holder and are worried that your name isn't on the list, please get in touch as soon as possible and we'll sort that out.

For more info please email

Monday, 5 March 2012

Introducing.... Artisum - Featured Accountancy firm specialising in Creative businesses!

A fantastic local business, set up with the intention of helping us creatives to free up more of our time to work on our artistic pursuits and to take the worry out of the paperwork and hairy, scary tax stuff. Artisum understand that everyone is individual and that all of our businesses are different, they will therefore tailor their services to meet your specific needs. Whats more, is that Artisum charge realistic and very reasonable rates and carry out their work to a very high standard.

The company are primarily there to support those in the creative sector but will happily advise you on where to go to get the best service for your business. If you are an artist, musician, designer, event organiser, student, graduate, sole trader or limited company, or 'Other', Artisum can help you!

Do you need help with any of the following?

Self Assessment
Company Accounts
Book keeping
Business Development
Financial Management
Bespoke support

The initial consultation is FREE anyway, so why are you still here, reading this?
Please quote "MOLLYQUEEN" when booking your appointment so we know how seriously you guys take our blog posts and can look towards rewarding you with lovely stuff at the next Marvellous Market/Night Market.

Contact Artisum today for a FREE consultation meeting to see how we can help you to create, set up or develop your business in a way that best suits your budget and time.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Vote MollyQueen for President!

No we don't really want to be president, we'll leave that up to Mr Obama and concentrate instead on creative and beautiful community projects that are fun, accessible and constantly evolving into bigger and better things!

We have just applied for our first amount of funding, and the great thing is that all we need to do to get there is to get 500 votes and the kind people at Enterprise Nation will give us £500! Therefore, Kind Mollyqueener, please follow this link and help us to reach our target so that we can afford to put on bigger, better events and start taking MQ to where we want it to be! While you are there, be sure to take a look around their website as it is a fantastic project and there is a lot on offer for small businesses or anyone with an idea to starting one. 

Here is the link... please click it, fill in the very short form and click VOTE.


In other news...

The Night Market

A fabulous night had by all, for some it was a debut stall, for others a busy night of shopping. We had fabulous input from stall holders with some amazing work on show, why not pick up an evening post on Saturday 3rd March and look out for us in the Social magazine? 

The music was perfect, big Thank you's to Louis Scott and Evil Jack who blended the atmosphere perfectly and another big round of Thank you's to everyone who helped to make it such a fantastic night.

We look forward to more of the same! The next one will be mid summer-time so expect lots more artistic happenings and a bit going on outside too!

Look out for the date to be announced soon.

The Marvellous Spring Market

The Next event is taking shape beautifully! We've had plenty of applications and are almost at the deadline (10th March) so get in touch quick if you'd like a stall as we are very limited now!

We have a Circus workshop to take place in the garden, an Easter egg hunt for the kiddiewinks, an amazing array of artists and crafters with lots of new faces aboard. The Underground bakery will be there as usual with the most amazing menu and some tasty treats. we'll have fresh, local produce, a bar, teas and coffess, cupcakes, plants, jewellery, cards and gifts, clothing and LOTS more.

Look out for our featured artist previews over the coming weeks to see exactly what there is to look forward to!

The Marvellous spring Market
Sunday 25th March
Federation House
Claremont Road, Carrington