Friday, 26 August 2011

MollyQueen on Road!

'Bees Make Honey' and 'MollyQueen' present:

The Marvellous Market in Beeston
Saturday 3rd September
11.30 - 4.30
The Pearson Centre
Nuart Road

Over to the wonderful Bee lady herself:

More exciting news for the ‘Marvellous Market’ as Molly Queen find themselves on the other side of town for an Arts and Craft fair in Beeston. This takes place at the Pearson Centre for Young People on Nuart Road, which is conveniently located on a side street opposite the Sainsbury’s store, on Saturday 3rd September at 11:30 until 4:30.

As well as ‘Molly Queen’ herself with her delightful decoupage, beautiful book mobiles, postcards of poetry and other delicately constructed little treasures, ‘bees make honey’ will also be there with her retro garden of recycled bags, purses, flower brooches and other clever creations. There will be a few other Market favourites, ‘Mama’s Cauldron’ and her unique brand of juicy jams accompanied by her carefully crafted beaded jewellery, and ‘The Underground Bakery’ will be supplying her delicious bread and cakes, to delight even the most discerning palettes!

There are also a lot of Marvellous newcomers to this Market, bringing with them handmade fifties clothing, graphic novels, quirky cushions, cupcakes, embroidery, traditional preserves and country style gifts not to mention a range of sustainable greetings cards to peruse.

‘Dizzi Dance Fitness’ will also be putting in an appearance and a demonstration of her extensive repertoire, including ‘Zumba’ so feel free to ‘join the party’! But don’t forget to take a moment to for tea and cake!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

MollyQueen is officially an Anti Riot business.

Therefore we will only discuss lovely things such as this: 

The amazing collection page to 'Do something nice for Ashraf' ; the poor boy that was mugged as he was being 'helped up' by a group of Britain's finest citizens. The page has raised over 22k and is probably still going. 

And this:

This fantastic website full of useful information for anyone wanting to help and some beautiful success stories to show the good side of the riots. 

And here is a little poem I wrote during one sleepless night:

I plan to leave printouts of it around our city.

So you grew up on the streets did you?
The gritty new estate.
You went to school and played it cool
And even learnt to skate.
You never had the best trainers
Though you always had a pair.
And always had the time to wash
And time to 'do' your hair.
You were bullied up through primary school
But kept a little group of friends.
You never were the coolest but
you tried to follow trends.
You left school with some gcse's
Enough to get a place
In your chosen college
Regardless of your race.
God knows where you got to now,
What life choices you made.
I'm sure you made lots of mistakes,
But somehow hit the grade.
And now you kick back in your crib, 
Watching this shit unfold
And feel like your the victim
In this society you behold.
The 'streets' from which you came from
Are like palaces to some.
The chances you were given,
All amount to some.
We are brought up in great britain
Where we envy the elite,
But at least we have got something
We can wear upon our feet.
Next time you get so angry
Don't feed it with a roar
Just remember we're the rich
And we're ignoring the poor.

Flickers and Fairylights

The Notts UnderGround Bakery and MollyQueen present....

The Night Market 
@ The Golden Fleece

Tuesday 30th August
6 - 11pm

A wonderful selection of local crafters and makers, featured around the Golden Fleece pub on Mansfield Road. There'll be a wonderful range of beautifully crafted and hand made products mixed up with ArtworkVintage clothing and lots more, by some of Nottingham's finest brands.

There will also be 
live musicFresh Bread and cakes and Massage therapy to treat yourself to as well as a homely 'nook' to go and get your tarot cards read.

The fleece kitchen will also be serving their usual meals, 
as well as their fab range of tasty beverages so you needn't go hungry (or thirsty!)

*** Live Music from Louis Scott and more ***
Confirmed Stall Holders so far:
Massage Therapy - In a curtained area of the fleece, a lovely massage therapist
will be waiting with a wonderful array of massage treatments,
indian head massage, shoulder treatments.
Corrina Rothwell - Infamous in Nottingham, this lady designed the flyers
for the Sherwood Art Week Craft fair and has the most fabulous range of cards, prints and more. She radiates with genius and has the most incredible sense of humour.

The UnderGround Bakery - With her usual range of fresh baked breads and cakes,
the Notts UnderGround will tickle your taste buds and
fill your bags with tasty loaves for the morrow.

Love You More - A wonderful selection of home-made jewellery,
salt scrubs and beautifully thought out vintage style gifts.
Laura Stephenson - From beautiful framed paintings, to beautifully sewn bags,
Laura is a talented designer with gorgeous items.
She also has a magical collection of trinkets and trophies, vintage ornaments
and a beautiful eye for colour, texture and materials.
Bees Make Honey - The most wonderful selection of purses, bags, brooches,
gorgeous little aprons, and more all with a unique style and a whole lot of quirk.
MollyQueen Decoupage - Decoupaged furniture and frames, book art,
postcard poetry, quilling, pretty stuff and a customised renovation service for tired or worn out furniture. If you are one of those forward planning people it might be worth bringing
a photo of that horrible old chest of drawers in the spare room...
Tarot Readings - A local dabbler in the art of tarot,
come into the boudoir area and have your cards read.
Delivered by one of the friendliest faces, even bad news can be good.

Mwanabibi Sikomo - A new take on the word 'Fair trade',
Mwanabibi works closely with women in Africa creating fair trade opportunities
by selling their beautiful children's clothing and other african themed items.
Mwanabibi will be promoting her charity and will be raising money with a raffle!
Some great prizes to be had!

Lots more to come...
See previous post to find out how our last event went!

For more info on the stall holders and everything else happening
on the night check back soon or email 'mailing list' to
Elsewhere in the MollyQueen Kingdom...

We've been busy crafting, making and planning. We've quite a lot on over the next few months, all in the build up to Christmas. Obviously there is The Night Market, The next Marvellous Market on the 25th September AND lots more. 

MollyQueen and the Notts UnderGround are also looking at teaming up to put on a fabulous resident night at one lucky venue in Nottingham. 
There'll be all sorts of fun in store; sit tight and wait for details.
If you arent all ready on our mailing list, either sign up via the website:

And now.... for some random mini poetry

Pick a venue slightly off the beaten track....
wonder if people will find it,
write a sign on a little chalk board,
blow up balloons and bind it!
Duct tape and String 

 The child wants a 'treat' for being so good, 
"some chocolate or sweeties please?"
"Well Molly, my dear, you are in luck!
Have you ever seen one of these?" 
A choconana

And now my friends, we've come to the end,
Thanks for reading all the way through.
And on that note, i think that it
is time to say Adieu.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Au' gust of wind and a smattering of Sunshine

 What a fabulous day! We had a great time, the stall holders were fab, the weather was beautiful and loads of lovely people came out to say hello! The UnderGround Bakery was SO popular that she sold out TWICE! To make sure that doesnt happen again they'll be making double, if not more!

Thank you to everyone who made it on the day, we are so happy with how the day went that we're now planning the next two events, The Night Market and the next Marvellous Market. Scroll down for more info!
The main room, buzzing with people.

The wonderful Sam with her Jam and Jewellery

The Tarot Cave
The wonderful Louis Scott entertained the room with his soulful song
Will Jeffery and Louis were beautiful as usual!

The Mollyqueen stall
The Night Market
Tuesday August 30th @ The Golden Fleece - 6pm - 12pm

We have a fabulous range of stall holders who will help us to take over the golden Fleece on Mansfield road with their wonderful wares. Expect Live music, Artwork, Crafters, Makers and Shakers, Massage, Tarot Readings, Bread and cakes, Booze, Vintage and lots lots more.

**Live Music from Louis Scott**
More artists TBC

Check back soon for a full breakdown of artists and activities.

The next Marvellous Market is now being arranged, if you are interested in knowing more, please email and we'll be in touch! 

Oh, and how could i forget, this is Holly Cat, the newest member of the MollyQueen Team... 

Isnt she pretty?

If you have read this far.... you're obviously a hardcore MollyQueen fan, and therefore deserve to know that there is going to be a super night coming up very soon combining all the things that we do best.... all i'll say now is..... "Word"
from MollyQueen and The UnderGround Bakery.
If you want to know more, email us with 'Word' in the subject box.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

On the Cusp of Something Marvellous.

 On the Cusp of Something Marvellous.

The Marvellous Market is just days away, We are incredibly excited, we are looking forward to a busy day will lots to see and do, taste, hear and take home. There is an artist breakdown page on our website so please do take a look (or trawl back through a few blog posts) and have a read about everything that will be going on on the day. 

We have 21 confirmed stall holders, Beth's fabulous UnderGround Bakery CAFE, 1 Featured Artist with an interactive piece,  Interactive Community Art Projects, Bar, Secret Garden, MollyQueen sponsored Charity and MORE.

Its going to be fabulous, but dont take my word for it, come and see for yourselves!

Keep reading to hear about what we've been up to recently...

DeerStock Beer and Music Festival in East Bridgford

A beautiful weekend, Fabulous friends, food and Glorious Sunshine! MollyQueen and the UnderGround Bakery were there, Beth serving her scrummy Indian food - including Dosai's, Dhal, Indian Breakfast, Gorgeous Indian donuts 
and lots more! For more info on the Notts Underground please visit and follow the links to the blog.
Cant beat a weekend of 'camping' without actually camping,
and being able to use a shower.
MollyQueen and Notts UnderGround 'Camp'
MollyQueen Stall

MollyQueen stall (from a more Arty angle)
The bands were all fab but our personal favourites are the lovely and incredibly polite - Ed Bannard and of course, the gentleman that is Mister Will Jeffery. He wears a suit and everything.

Chalk Drawing of mister jefferette
Simon dropped by to the Festival to see what was going on and was
swiftly chased out of the village.
Molly loves the dancing (and the applause)
 To sum up, we had a great weekend and are looking forward to next year! Hopefully there'll be a Marvellous Market on site and we'll advertise it to a few more Nottinghamians.

Beyond Borders

The featured Charity at our next market. We'll be collecting donations to help send a suitcase out to Haiti just before Christmas full of essentials and equipment. There's more info about the work that 'Beyond Border's does on our website, please take a look and dont forget to bring your spare change along to the market - we're aiming to fill a suitcase! 

The Stuff Of Life Festival

MollyQueen is on the Committee for the Fabulous Stuff of Life Festival this year, we are helping to arrange the Craft Stalls and so are taking applications as of next week. If you want to be in for a chance (very limited space) then please send an email to with 'STUFF' in the subject and you'll here from us next week.

Otherwise, hold your phone, we'll be back with more info nearer the time!

Oh, and the date is Saturday October 1st 2011 12 - 6pm

Last Years Festival from the MQ Debut Pitch

We've recently Been working on....

Customised and personalised greeting 'cards'. 
I say cards in speech marks because they arent really cards but until 
the photo's are done you'll never know...

A beautiful Novel covered Small table, will be on sale at the Market on Sunday....

Paper Crafts and Quilling......

Mannequin Modeling....


Dont forget, Federation Social Club, Claremont Road, Off Hucknall Road or Nottingham Road, Carrington, Nottingham, Sunday, yes, this Sunday, between 11 and 4, unless you are a confirmed stall holder in which case get there between 9.30 and 10......

see YOU there!