Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Its an Artistic Breakdown yo!

Well... we are here! Four days to go and i'm unable to settle in any position due to the huge amounts of excitement and things to be done! What better way to tantalise your crafty taste buds than to disclose a little more info about the amazing stalls and everything else marvellous that will be showcased at Federation House on Sunday!

Here's a list of stalls and stuff they'll be selling, followed by a bit about the music, the activities and everything else that will be going on!

Dont forget....the clocks SPRING forward on this fine spring weekend, so remember to change the hands on your grandfather and get along early! We're open till 5pm to make sure all you time swindling stragglers can make it, but beware as the UnderGround Bakery may well sell out and Miss Berry's Cupcakes will be securely in MY shopping bag to take home before long!


Assorted Stitches - A wonderful couple of textile talented lovelies with a fabulous range of textile works including bags, scarves and lots more.
Jo's Grows - A perfect selection of plants ready to put down roots for the spring season all home-grown in the borough of Basford.
JMP Art - An amazingly artistic and emotionally encompassing artist with a huge range of work across different mediums.
Katie Stainer - A lovely talented artist of the paper crafting kind, with a range of jewellery, gorgeous cards, ornaments and lots more lovingly created goodies.
Lana's Cards and crafts - A new addition to the Marvellous Market, Lana has a lovely range of handcrafted items with a unique style and quality.
Tracey Meek - a beautifully talented illustrator, Tracey's works also range across different mediums with the same brilliant and edgy style, making it hard to choose which item (or all!) to buy!
Bibusa - Ethically sourced gifts made with African fabrics or lovingly with a twist of african goddess in each item. 
Zalisander contemporary jewellery - superb quality of work, from design, style and presentation to how it hangs on your neckline or fits on your finger.
Bonnie Creations - One of Nottingham's up-coming artists, with a recent studio opening, be sure to check out the find selection of items on sale and find out more about the studio shop! 
Miss Berry's cupcakes - Another local and recent addition to the Marvellous Market, Miss Berry has a gorgeous selection of baked goodies for sale AND offers a beautiful service of hosting a tea party for YOU or your event. Ask her for more info!
Gifts by Genie - An amazing array of trinkets, felt works, brooches, badges, hair clips and lots more. A vibrant display of colour and creativity from one of Nottingham's best kept secrets.
Bees make honey - a beautiful range of bags, brooches and purses with a distinctive style and lots of denim! This talented lady can customise YOUR jeans into a bag even your scraggy old Levi's would be proud of!
Amanda's Crafts - lovely jewellery and some amazing embroidered artwork, this lady has a real skill and will leave your eyeballs impressed with the detail and love that goes into each item.
Rainbow training - A gorgeous selection of flowers in recycled containers with a selection of other lovingly recycled items, and all for charity!
Al's paintings - A little known Nottingham secret, Al will be displaying his artwork in the cafe area of the house.
Cara Amirah - The Henna Fairy will be displaying her lovely range of jewellery and trinkets AND offering Live Henna tattoo work in the corner of the main room. The Henna Fairy has a unique and amazing style to her work with the choice of glitter sprinkles to finish off the effect! Have a look through her portfolio and if Henna isnt your thing, she's also a qualified tattoo artist! Ask her for more info!
Crafty Glass - Lovely glass works with beautiful details and a gorgeous quality.
Jeannie Wear - A very talented and modest seamstress, Jeannie Wear hosts a range of different items each with a superb quality and finish, a fabulous eye for design!
Rosie Hobbs - Crochet work, general creative goodness and a lovely smile! Rosie will also be singing for us so keep an ear out for her heart melting music throughout the day.

Live Music

Will Jeffery will be performing a range of covers for us to keep our crafty spirits high! Louis Scott will be singing his pretty little heart out and Rosie Hobbs is there to add a little femininity to the melodical melee. 


As well as cupcakes from Miss Berry's, The Underground Bakery will be there with a delectable display of gorgeous breads, canapes and other treats. 


Between 1pm and 3pm, Juggling Jugglian will be hosting a Circus Workshop in the garden for everyone willing to get involved with! Free and open to all ages (except perhaps those too young to hold more than one juggling ball....)

The Egg and Chicken hunt

But which came first? Chocolate Eggs and cute little chickens will be dotted around the garden for little fingers to find. 

Card Making Craft Table

Make your Easter cards here! A crafty table for kids and grown ups alike to make Easter cards to take home! Supervision required for little children as there will be scissors and glue!

The Thought Box

Carrying on from The Night Market, we have the Feminism topic to finish. What is feminism to you? Answers on a gift tag. All answers will be used to create an un-bias representation of the 'public voice' on Feminism and what it stands as today. If you arent quite sure, have a read of the somewhat controversial quote next to The Thought Box and see if it entices your neurons into action.


See you there! Sunday 25th March
Federation Social Club
Claremont Road, Carrington
11 - 5pm

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