Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Papermaking - MollyQueen's Anniversary Competition

I hereby DARE you to enter...

MollyQueen's Anniversary Competition

MollyQueen will be celebrating their first birthday/anniversary at the start of the new tax year. Thats two whole months away, you've got until then to present us with your entry. We'll be announcing the winner at The Marvellous Market with top entries on display. Some of the prizes will need to be spent on the day too so make sure you can be there 
(Or let us know if you cant).

Create something entirely amazing out of PAPER and only paper!
You can use glue I suppose.....
And I think we'll allow pens and other materials...
within reason....

Its very simple, this creative competition....we want YOU to be CREATIVE and make a gift for MollyQueen... be it a sculpture, a drawing, a scrunched up piece of paper, a poem..... as long as its predominantly paper orientated we'll accept it.

When we say paper; If all you can picture is A4 white.... you need a bash round the head with a rolled up newspaper. Think blueprints... think maps, book pages, drawing paper, brown paper, magazine paper - tissue paper! Paper-mache, paper folding, paper ladders, paper hats! Whatever floats your boat (made out of paper).

Entries MUST be handed in before The Marvellous Market on Sunday 25th March.
(catch us at a Marvellous Meeting or The Night Market)
Or Email us at themollyqueen@googlemail.com and we'll arrange a collection

The piece that warms our faces and gives us the most fuzzy feelings will be the winner.

Prizes? I hear you ask.... Prizes??

The Winner of our Anniversary Competition will be the proud owner of:

*£10 to spend at The Marvellous Market on Sunday 25th March
*£5 Voucher to spend at The UnderGround Bakery stall on Sunday 25th March
AND a bottle of wine, a goodie bag and some chocolate!

Get papermaking!

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