Thursday, 19 January 2012

What's a Meeting?

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came along to the MollyQueen Marvellous Meeting on Tuesday, was lovely to see some new faces, see some new work and see how very creative some of our member's are! We had a great meeting, with some fab ideas for future projects, lots of collaberation ideas and some 'structured' ideas for future meetings...

We'll be introducing workshops, talks and demonstrations to the next meeting, on a range of subjects as well as the usual informal crafty make-session. (including nutrition, origami, textiles, creative writing, and lots more!) If you've got any ideas for future projects or would like to be involved please email us at and we'll be in touch.

We are also very excited to announce some new members of our  team, including some fabulous makers, organisers, business heads, generally lovely people, fashion-mister's and a couple of sane people to keep our feet on the ground. Look out for featured blogposts from each new MollyQueener and keep em peeled for lots of new happenings accross town.

Anyway, in regards to the post title, on my way out of the door Molly asked me where i was off to:

"A Meeting, Molly."

"Oh... Is that where you eat lots of meat?"


See you next month, on Tuesday the 7th February - come along to pick up flyers for the Night Market and Marvellous Market, to have a chat, ask questions or just to be a bit nosy. We dont mind!

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  1. Hey fellow crafters, sorry I couldn't join you at this meeting, hopefully I will be at the next one...sounds fun! Love the new look website by the way, don't the Molly Queeners get up to alot throughout the year!? :) x