Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Introducing Panya Banjoko... A new MQ featured writer.

7 Things about Panya Banjoko
Hello I thought I’d kick off my first blog post for Mollyqueen with 7 things about me...

1. I have approximately 82 dreadlocks on my head ranging from 6 inches to 49 inches long. The pros of this is when abroad I say I’m Bob Marley’s sister and it usually gets me at least one free drink! The downside is it takes at least three days to dry when I wash them.

2. I was once told by a boyfriend that if I was two inches shorter I would have been a dwarf, needless to say the relationship didn’t last.

3. Which leads on to my least favourite number, it’s ‘35’. Why? Because that’s when I realised I really wasn’t ever going to grow anymore and I’d never make it to five feet tall.

4. I have a Nigerian surname and was born in Nottingham by Jamaican parents. This causes confusion when people try to put me in a box, because the English think I’m Jamaican, the Jamaicans say I’m English and the Nigerians can’t understand how a ‘Jamo’ has an African name.

5. My favourite food has to be plantains. I can eat them fried, boiled or even mashed in fritters, for me the world would be a cheerless place without sweet fried plantains in it.

6. I love to write and so far I have had my poetry published by Penguin Press and I have had two children’s stories published (Hari at the Castle and Bibi’s Museum Adventure).

7. I like all things creative which includes knitting, crocheting, writing, performing and visiting art galleries and museums and I’m always learning new things (I recently taught myself to rag rug).
To find out more about me and what I do you can visit my blog panyabanjoko.wordpress.com

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