Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stuff of Life 2011 in photos

Considering it is the 21st Century, and we've just about recovered from the aftermath of the riots, we are currently in the midst of a recession and countless other 'problems with society'.... for a very small community to come together to celebrate the things we love about life in the form of an amazing festival with dance, music, arts and crafts, facepainting, story-telling, amazing food, bread and general joviality.... i'd say we did pretty well.

Here are some images of the day, kindly taken by George.

Shagufta performing her native dance to start of the day's proceedings

The Samba band lead the procession, 'sweeping to rhythm'.
A selection of Art on the railings, this year run by Leanne Trappe, her work is shown here.
A view of the park, full of festival goers.
Dirty Buzzard playing it cool.
Some of the Marvellous Market stalls.
Mad dog and English
The UnderGround Bakery and The SRRA raffle stall
'Sweeping to the rhythm' with decorated brooms.
Martin Bentley from Malindy
Andy from Dirty Buzzard and his view.
The Parade heading towards Beech Avenue

One happy camper and her teddys.

The Festival was a great success, we have managed to raise enough money to help us with local community projects and maintenence, including the cobbling of Hedley Villas. To find out more about the Sherwood Rise Residents Association and what they do, please visit www.uptherise.co.uk or pop along to one of their meetings. We will be planning the Festival for next year but also have a series of other events lined up.

Look out for Christmas festivities and the May day Picnic as well as other community days.

Thanks for reading, and please check back soon for details of the competition winners and some of the entries to our Public Poetry project; not forgetting the photo's from the Public Cams!

Keep up the community Spirit!


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