Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Beauteous Bookends and a Greeting box preview...

A wonderful woodcrafter friend of mine made these beautiful bookend shapes for me in a gorgeous dark stained wood with dovetail joints.

I then went all 'book mobile' on them and created almost symmetrical waves/petals adorned with spirals circles and squiggly bits. Here are two photo's to show them next to each other and what they could look like on your bookshelf.

See these and more papercrafts at The Night Market
Tuesday 18th October 6pm - 11pm
The Golden Fleece

Book Ends (first pair)

Book End on a bookshelf (not my book collection!) with Box Card.

In the last photo, you can see the first ever greeting box I have made, its a tiny little 'specimen' box for butterfly collectors/gem stones etc with a glass front. Using quilling techniques, I have created a flowing and decorative background, with a message 'Love is Wild' in the background.

The glass is also decorated with an arch to represent a wedding ceremony. The back can then be decorated with a handwritten message or decoupaged with words from novels (sometimes with hilarious consequences).

The idea is that the box can then hold a small souvenir from your wedding day, a note or a small photo.

There are range of different cards to be seen at The Night Market, with other mediums including gift boxes, frames and more!

More photo's soon, please watch this space


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