Friday, 14 October 2011

Paper Crafts and The Impending Night Market

 Paper Crafts

 Here's a sneaky peek at some of the paper crafts I've been working on of late.
My favourite items are the 'box cards'. Miniature personalised greeting boxes that each hold a small scroll so you can write your own message. Perfect for the first Anniversary present as yes, they are made of paper. Victorian Novelettes to be precise. See them in person at The Night Market on Tuesday (scroll down for more info on what else to expect!)
Assorted PaperCrafts
 From Left to Right, A paper face, features quilled, including the ears (though you cant quite see them in the picture) and tied with a black ribbon so the piece can be hung as well as stood. A book end, with flowing folded pages and set into a beautifully made dove-tail hinged, quality piece of wood. A stack of box cards, with the smallest of all atop the pile. A miniature 'moving house' gift, adorned with words and quilled loops. 3 box cards, each personalised with different themes and with miniature scrolls so that personal messages can be written inside. Also the perfect home for souvenirs and small gifts. Underneath the stack, is a quilled tree atop a map of Cambridge, with a personalised gift tag. The map is a beautiful retro blue and adds an extra dimensional to this piece. Next, is a large, quilled portrait of an androgynous person. I had started without an intention for sex and no preference appeared, hence the name. Quilled into a golden frame, this is an unusual piece that ha paved the way for me to get a lot more creative with my quilling! In front of that is another box card, and the other, almost symmetrical book end.
Box Cards and a decorative Book End.
Paper face

 Here is a close up of the Box card. This one is quite invocative of an intimate relationship, see what the words invoke in your mind.....

Box Card
 Really bad quality photo of another box card... quite an emotive quote.
"She broke off and wiped the corner of each eye with her silk handkerchief fastened
in the button of her black satin robe."
 My favourite Box Card that I will have to make more of, I imagine....
"You are my best friend."
 Here's a view of the 'New House' miniature before the scrolls have been added.
Box Cards stacked precariously

A view from above of Mr Androgyny

Paper Face 

Quilled Tree with an Owl residing.

The Impending Night Market

Oh yes! Its getting close now! Only 4 days to go! Take a look back through are posts for the full breakdown of artists and activities, to book your massage slot or to listen to the musicians that will be there to entertain us on the evening. 

The Night Market is held at The Golden Fleece on Tuesday 18th October from 6pm until 11pm

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