Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Night Market Returns.... in Pictures

Another fabulous event with some very talented designers, some wonderful music and lovely, lovely people. The bar staff were all right, too! Not to mention that lovely photographer...

A big thanks to the Golden Fleece for having us, the stall holders and everyone who came along. Looking forward to the next! 
Katie Stainer and Rachel Ainley
Noli Chocs - gorgeous handmade chocolates
Franble's Colourful Creations
Bees Make Honey
Rachel Ainley
Massage Therapy
Diana Parkhouse
Awesome Pillows
Rachel Ainley
Louis Scott
Lindsey's Cards
Georgie and Katie Stainer
Mwanabibi Sikomo

Georgina Cooley
Beautiful Bee Lady
Diana Parkhouse

The Next Night Market is Tuesday 15th November 
we are recruiting stall holders
If you would like to be involved please email me at

If you cant wait that long for your crafty fix, 

pop along to the Marvellous Market @
Federation House on Claremont Road Carrington 

on Sunday the 6th November!

Its the Marvellously Festive Christmas Market and we cant wait!

Look out for the Artist breakdown coming soon....

And our featured blog post about Paul Dale....

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