Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Papermaking - MollyQueen's Anniversary Competition

I hereby DARE you to enter...

MollyQueen's Anniversary Competition

MollyQueen will be celebrating their first birthday/anniversary at the start of the new tax year. Thats two whole months away, you've got until then to present us with your entry. We'll be announcing the winner at The Marvellous Market with top entries on display. Some of the prizes will need to be spent on the day too so make sure you can be there 
(Or let us know if you cant).

Create something entirely amazing out of PAPER and only paper!
You can use glue I suppose.....
And I think we'll allow pens and other materials...
within reason....

Its very simple, this creative competition....we want YOU to be CREATIVE and make a gift for MollyQueen... be it a sculpture, a drawing, a scrunched up piece of paper, a poem..... as long as its predominantly paper orientated we'll accept it.

When we say paper; If all you can picture is A4 white.... you need a bash round the head with a rolled up newspaper. Think blueprints... think maps, book pages, drawing paper, brown paper, magazine paper - tissue paper! Paper-mache, paper folding, paper ladders, paper hats! Whatever floats your boat (made out of paper).

Entries MUST be handed in before The Marvellous Market on Sunday 25th March.
(catch us at a Marvellous Meeting or The Night Market)
Or Email us at themollyqueen@googlemail.com and we'll arrange a collection

The piece that warms our faces and gives us the most fuzzy feelings will be the winner.

Prizes? I hear you ask.... Prizes??

The Winner of our Anniversary Competition will be the proud owner of:

*£10 to spend at The Marvellous Market on Sunday 25th March
*£5 Voucher to spend at The UnderGround Bakery stall on Sunday 25th March
AND a bottle of wine, a goodie bag and some chocolate!

Get papermaking!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Creative Writing with Mollyqueen

Hello folks!

We will be running a mini creative writing session at our next Marvellous Meeting on Tuesday the 7th February @ The Loft.

Not your usual creative writing course, the first session will be the introduction of a 'task' aimed at helping you to think outside the box and challenge and change your approach to writing. The first piece will be based on a task called 'An Alphabetic Omission' and will give you the opportunity to write a piece or poem on a subject of your choice.

All you need to bring with you is a notebook and a pen.

Open to anyone, please pop along on the day!

7.30pm onwards
@ The Loft on Mansfield Road
Mollyqueen Marvellous Meeting

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

We are Avengers - "Trouble" Single Launch

We are Avengers are releasing their debut single Trouble with a smashing show at the Cafe Bar Contemporary on Saturday 4th February from 7.30pm onwards... read on for the press release and scroll down to see the fab new video and check out the links.

See you there!
We Are Avengers have been turning out their characteristic dark but pretty Lo-Fi grooves generously seasoned with Soul, Dub and Jazz Funk since 2010, they've been turning heads on the local scene all year as the fresh new sound of Notts. 

Their debut single Trouble/Civ Lit is merely a portent of the tidal wave of lushness waiting in the wings for 2012. . 

Originally a studio act that played out as a 3 piece featuring Emily Martin (The Voice) Olly "Hot Karl" Hunter (The Beats) and Tim "The Rambler" Ramsbottom (The Bass).. 2012 sees We Are Avengers take to the stage with a full live band that reads like an all-star roster of Notts talent.

Trouble is released on Farmyard Records on Monday 6th February 2012 so come along to Cafe Bar Contemporary in Nottingham on Saturday 4th February to help us celebrate the single dropping in style. 

There will be free CDs of the release available, support from the marvellous Bonsai Band and King Kahlua spinning the wheels of love.

An Interview with Fiona Shore, our resident Tarot Reader.

What exactly is Tarot? 
Tarot cards are essentially pictorial representations of events and energies that we encounter in life. For example - determination, patience, new beginnings, leaving things behind, joy, togetherness, heartache, reflection and decision-making…the list goes on! 

The cards are used as a divining tool by reading the spread of cards chosen. You select the cards unseen from the deck to form the spread (a specific layout). I interpret the interaction of the cards and their positions within the spread, with reference to the question you’ve asked or to the issue in your life on which you seek guidance.

The tarot cannot give you definitive answers, but they can tell you what is likely to happen if you follow your current course of action. 
How did you first get into it?
My grandma first introduced me to the tarot as a teenager, though I didn’t take the cards (or anything!) seriously until I left home for the first time, with a pack in my bag. At which point I started reading for myself more frequently and then for my housemates on a regular basis.

It was over the course of my 20s that I really got to know the cards and developed my relationship with them. I’d sit at home or in the launderette and would idly shuffle or meditate on a particular card and what it meant to me. I’d think about the words and feelings which came to my mind when it was drawn alone and in different positions within spreads.

I’m now in my 30s and feel I have a strong connection with the cards which I know will continue to develop and grow. There have been times I’ve read for myself daily and other times when a week or so has passed before I’ve picked them up, but I’ve always known where they are.

It was only last year that I began reading professionally, thanks to Lauren at Molly Queen’s markets for offering me a stall. I’ve found it such an interesting and enjoyable experience. When someone requests a reading I never know in advance what the cards will tell us, but I know I’ll end the day having shared a number of very different journeys.
What readings do you offer?

If you see me at a Molly Queen market I offer a 5 card reading, which lasts roughly 20 minutes depending on how many questions you have for me along the way. (I offer a selection of fuller readings catered to your question(s) during home visits and private parties.)

In the 5 card reading each card you choose represents an aspect of the question you've asked, namely; PAST, PRESENT, INFLUENCES, OUTCOME & ADVICE.

The PAST card will tell us what (of significance) has 'gone before' in terms of your question to influence the situation. It may represent the very recent or even the distant past, depending on the depth of your question, but it will be important in showing us ‘why you are, where you are, right now’. This card offers you an opportunity to reflect on why the question you’ve asked is at the front of your mind, as it represents the ‘build up’ to your questioning of the tarot.

The PRESENT card will show us where you are right now. Quite often this is the card you will most recognise as it will represent the highs or lows you're currently experiencing. Sometimes it can be an eye opener, as you yourself come to terms with the actual position you're dealing with. This card represents the heart of the question itself and combined with the PAST card, shows us the place from which the tarot will be drawing its representations in the following 3 cards.

The INFLUENCES card can be the trickiest for me to interpret. Depending on your question, it may represent something inside of yourself which is influencing the situation (a hope or fear for example). Alternatively it may represent another person who is influencing the situation in some way. It can be a difficult card as this influence could be for good or for bad. It’s where I most need the person I’m reading for to be honest with themselves. Though do take heart that if it does represent a ‘bad influence’, that at least once the card is turned, you'll be able to move forward with insight.

The OUTCOME card represents what will happen if you carry on along the same path you are already on. You remain the master or mistress of your own destiny and so it really is up to you how you react to your reading in moving forward. You may be happy with your path and reassured by the reading. Or you may see the result of this card in particular as something to be avoided, in which case it will then be up to you to change the outcome. Forewarned as they say, is forearmed.

Finally is the ADVICE card, where we 'give a card back to the cards' so to speak. We say to the tarot; 'given everything the reading has told us so far, what advice can be given?’ Again, you may receive a simple reassurance that you’re on the right path. Or the card may tell you something you already know (or have worked out since seeing the OUTCOME card!) But this could be the card which gives you a whole new idea or a new perspective on the question and which really gets you thinking.
What sort of questions should I ask the cards?

I would recommend first and foremost asking a question you want to know the answer to. It may sound obvious but in honesty, if you don’t want the answer, don’t ask the question, as the tarot will not hold back and you must be prepared for what you might hear.

As for how you phrase your question, it’s important to keep in mind that the tarot offers representations. The cards do not offer names, places, dates or numbers. Quite often it will be easy to interpret a card as representing a person, but that does not mean your reading will tell you; ‘next Wednesday at 3pm you’ll meet a man called John and he’ll be the one for you!’

Avoid asking questions with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers. I find it easiest to start my question with an ‘if’ and end with ‘what will happen’, as it keeps things open. For example;

“If I take the job I’ve been offered, what will happen?”
“If I don’t go to the party, what will happen?”
“If I sign up to this course, what will happen?”
 “If I don’t move in with him/her, what will happen?”

Alternatively you can simply concentrate on a particular situation which you’d like some guidance on, without posing a question in your mind specifically and ask for some light to be shed in regard to that situation, simply by concentrating on it in general terms.
Which card/s do you have a strong attachment with? Are there any that represent you as a character?

My favourite card has changed a few times over the years, but at the moment it’s definitely the ‘Queen of Wands’. For me she represents the woman I’d like to be, (whether I am or not is another question!)

I admire her because she’s honourable and respected and she manages to balance her family and career interests well. She rules her own roost, but is the consummate hostess when guests arrive and she is held in high regard by those she meets, for her warmth, vivacity and courage.

Also, in the Rider-Waite tarot pack (which I tend to use at Molly Queen markets) she’s pictured with a small black cat sat at her feet, which reminds me of my (much fatter) black cat, Lemmy!

Can I bring a friend with me? I promise she'll be quiet...

Absolutely you can! As long as you’re happy for your friend to hear what the cards have to say. So bear this in mind when posing your question. Obviously if you’re friend’s there throughout it’s easier for the pair of you to go away and talk about it all afterwards, but if you want to ask a very personal question, be prepared for the tarot to give you the answer, regardless of whether your friend’s there or not!

Is there anything I can do to change the outcome?

Of course you can. There are 78 cards in the tarot pack and only 1 of them (as far as I’m concerned) represents fate and events beyond our control. If you don’t like the outcome of your reading, you can change it. It may take a concerted effort on your part to make choices you wouldn’t normally make, but you are the author of your own story and so you decide. The tarot cards are there to guide you and they certainly do not control you. You remain very much at the steering wheel of your own life.

Can you tell me next week’s lottery numbers?

I wish! Unfortunately not, but if you do have a question or need some guidance, the tarot really can assist you. So please do come and see me at the next Molly Queen market (or give me a call about a home visit or party). It’s completely confidential and you never know, you might just get the answer, new idea or perspective you’ve been looking for. You might even become as fascinated by the tarot, as I continue to be.
See Fiona at The Night Market
on Tuesday 28th February @ The Golden Fleece
or call her for a private consultation or private party

Tarot Card Readings by Fiona Shore

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Introducing Panya Banjoko... A new MQ featured writer.

7 Things about Panya Banjoko
Hello I thought I’d kick off my first blog post for Mollyqueen with 7 things about me...

1. I have approximately 82 dreadlocks on my head ranging from 6 inches to 49 inches long. The pros of this is when abroad I say I’m Bob Marley’s sister and it usually gets me at least one free drink! The downside is it takes at least three days to dry when I wash them.

2. I was once told by a boyfriend that if I was two inches shorter I would have been a dwarf, needless to say the relationship didn’t last.

3. Which leads on to my least favourite number, it’s ‘35’. Why? Because that’s when I realised I really wasn’t ever going to grow anymore and I’d never make it to five feet tall.

4. I have a Nigerian surname and was born in Nottingham by Jamaican parents. This causes confusion when people try to put me in a box, because the English think I’m Jamaican, the Jamaicans say I’m English and the Nigerians can’t understand how a ‘Jamo’ has an African name.

5. My favourite food has to be plantains. I can eat them fried, boiled or even mashed in fritters, for me the world would be a cheerless place without sweet fried plantains in it.

6. I love to write and so far I have had my poetry published by Penguin Press and I have had two children’s stories published (Hari at the Castle and Bibi’s Museum Adventure).

7. I like all things creative which includes knitting, crocheting, writing, performing and visiting art galleries and museums and I’m always learning new things (I recently taught myself to rag rug).
To find out more about me and what I do you can visit my blog panyabanjoko.wordpress.com

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Night Market - 28th February @ The Golden Fleece

The applications have been flooding in for the next Night Market, its shaping up to be a fantastically jam-packed night of talented artists, crafters, makers, bakers and musical genius!

Dont forget its also 'Tapas Tuesday' and that there are some fab goody bags for the first 15 people through the door. To warm your ears up in the meantime, here are some links...

We've the wonderful Evil Jack at 8pm

With one more act TBC.... if you'd like to play any MQ events, email us your links or tracks to themollyqueen@googlemail.com

Check back soon for more info!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Paul Dale Photography - An Artist Profile

Welcome to Paul Dale photography- we shoot people!

Well, photography sometimes feels that way, but we try our hardest to make it feel fun & fresh, and we want to leave you wanting more! We'll meet you on location, then spend the next hour or two making images that'll make you wish you'd called us years ago! We shoot weddings, lifestyle portraiture, pets, events and promotional work- anything that involves a creative pulse!

We love to present your images in a few, special products hand-picked and thoroughly tested, too!

We’re based in Sherwood, Nottingham, but are willing and able to travel wherever you need us- tropical locations welcomed!

Call now for our prices and booking availability.

0115 8470693

Here are some of the images Paul has taken for us but do check the links above for his other work. Paul has a fantastic quality and professionalism about him, with everything from the original discussion, through to the event itself and the presentation of the images afterwards with real attention to detail and a perfect glossy finish. Highly recommended!

Spread the Love - The Nottingham UnderGround Bakery Presents

The Nottingham UnderGround Bakery present

Spread The Love
an alternative Valentines Day meal

Saturday 11th February from 7pm
with food served around 8pm

Based in the wonderful Sherwood area of Nottingham, just off Haydn Road, The UnderGround Bakery is hosting another spectacular event perfectly timed for that sickly time of year when theres all that love about. Come on your own, bring a friend or bring a loved one, but don’t expect it to be a traditional valentines’ meal.

Venue and menu announced on booking.

The meal costs £20 for 5 courses, please bring your own booze.

There are limited spaces available, all places must be booked in advance. For more information or to book your seats please email:
or call: 07514 625697

There are only a few seats left so get in quick!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

What's a Meeting?

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came along to the MollyQueen Marvellous Meeting on Tuesday, was lovely to see some new faces, see some new work and see how very creative some of our member's are! We had a great meeting, with some fab ideas for future projects, lots of collaberation ideas and some 'structured' ideas for future meetings...

We'll be introducing workshops, talks and demonstrations to the next meeting, on a range of subjects as well as the usual informal crafty make-session. (including nutrition, origami, textiles, creative writing, and lots more!) If you've got any ideas for future projects or would like to be involved please email us at themollyqueen@googlemail.com and we'll be in touch.

We are also very excited to announce some new members of our  team, including some fabulous makers, organisers, business heads, generally lovely people, fashion-mister's and a couple of sane people to keep our feet on the ground. Look out for featured blogposts from each new MollyQueener and keep em peeled for lots of new happenings accross town.

Anyway, in regards to the post title, on my way out of the door Molly asked me where i was off to:

"A Meeting, Molly."

"Oh... Is that where you eat lots of meat?"


See you next month, on Tuesday the 7th February - come along to pick up flyers for the Night Market and Marvellous Market, to have a chat, ask questions or just to be a bit nosy. We dont mind!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Marvellous Meeting tonight!

Its here folks, MollyQueen's first official marvellous meeting!

Come one come all!

Bring your crafty projects or come and raid our craft table.

If you'd like to be involved in MollyQueen in 2012 or would like any info on any events or anything, pop along for a chat!

Also pick up flyers for the Marvellous Spring Market and the Night Market if you'd like to help advertise or just want one to put on your fridge door.

See you all tonight at The Loft on Mansfield Road from 7pm.

MQ xx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Whats your New Years Resolution?

Its that time of the year, half way through January, Friday 13th to be exact, and most of our good intentions for :

A) Giving up drinking, 
B) Giving up smoking or 
C) Never looking at cake again 

have flittered knowingly out of the window.

Why not make your New years resolution something with less pressure on your pretty little heads and emotion boxes, and do something like this:

See you on Tuesday at the Marvellous Meeting - with big smiles on your face and a bag full of crafty projects/inspiration or just a bucket load of conversation.

Tuesday 17th January 
@ The Loft
Mansfield Road
from 7pm

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Shocking Intrusion by Tourists.

This sort of story in the news infuriates me. Here's an excerpt from an article in the guardian today (with the link below so you can read the full story) and a link to the video in question.

Andaman Islands tribe threatened by lure of mass tourism

" "Dance," the policeman instructed. The girls in front of him, naked from the waist up, obeyed. A tourist's camera panned round to another young woman, also naked and awkwardly holding a bag of grain in front of her. "Dance for me," the policeman commanded.

The young woman giggled, looked shy and hopped from foot to foot. The camera swung back to the others who clapped, swayed and jumped.
This kind of video is the trophy tourists dream of when they set off into the jungles of the Andaman Islands "on safari". The beauty of the forest functions merely as a backdrop. The goal of the trip is to seek out the Jarawa, a reclusive tribe only recently contacted, which is taking the first tentative steps towards a relationship with the outside world.

The Jarawa tribe is 403-strong. Its members are trusting, innocent and hugely vulnerable to exploitation, living in a jungle reserve on South Andaman. The islands are a spectacular magnet for tourists, set in the Bay of Bengal and belonging to India.

The role of the police is to protect tribespeople from unwelcome and intrusive outsiders. But on this occasion the officer had accepted a £200 bribe to get the girls to perform. "I gave you food," he reminded them at the start of the video.

Every day hundreds of tourist cars line up on the Andaman Trunk Road, which winds through the reserve. Signs at the entrance warn them of the rules; no pictures, no contact, nothing to disturb the tribe members. Most are already struggling to come to grips with the diseases of the outside world which have beset them since they started to make forays out of the jungle 14 years ago.
But, on the day the Observer visited, when the gates opened the cameras immediately started clicking. Tourists threw bananas and biscuits to the tribespeople at the roadside, as they would to animals in a safari park."

Here the video:

And here's the full story:

Why cant we leave people in peace? And why does the ignorance of some people have to affect others lives so catastrophically? Its bad enough that we put this tribe at risk of death by taking our viruses and illnesses near to them but to exploit and abuse people for a bit of entertainment..... completely unnacceptable. If this gets to you as much as it has to me, please follow the link below to read about how to help the Jarawa tribe and if you can, donate some money to their cause.

Jarawa people at risk from disease, predatory sex and exploitation as tourist convoys crowd the road through their jungle

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Discover your Lost Self - An Exhibition

Here's some info about a fantastic exhibition taking place at the Crocus gallery, 1 church square, Lenton.
The discovering the lost self exhibition runs from Friday the 13th January to 4th Febuary at The opening night is Thursday 12th 6pm-9pm.

The exhibition showcases the work of several Nottingham based artists whose work explores the creative process in the healing of inner traumas. 

Discovering the Lost Self- An exhibition exploring the role of the creative process in the healing of inner-traumas. 

Featuring the work of Nottingham based artists:
Jenna Michelle Pink
Jessica Paige Greig
Emma Jones.



Featuring live acoustic music by Evil Jack and Neilos Carlos
and live poetry readings Alix Sinclair and others.

Free food and drink provided

Exhibition Opening times:

13th January - February 4th
Tues-Sat 11am-4pm

Exhibition Curated by Jenna Michelle Pink

"The works vary from abstract paintings and sculpture to in your face confessional drawings and photography. All work here is unedited and raw creating an unnerving yet liberating atmosphere in the gallery. The work is tied together with the artist’s individual interpretations of the creative process and its use in their separate paths to self-heal inner-traumas.

“Witnessing the work in this exhibition offers the viewer a chance to explore the lived experience of the artists through the creative process, whilst allowing the individual to take a look at their own personal life experiences,” says Jenna Michelle Pink, exhibiting artist and curator of the event. 

The exhibition offers a fresh perspective into the use of creativity as a form of therapy and aims to create awareness of mental trauma by allowing the audience to engage with the subject matter at hand. " 

See you there on opening night! MQ xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Craft time.... A few ideas for make-session projects....

For anyone who didnt get their fill of holiday games and activities over the holidays, take a look at these little craft ideas... I had lots of fun drying out oranges for home made decorations, punching oranges with cloves for gorgeous scented pomanders, making origami cranes, doves and love hearts, making Christmas cards and making little santa landscapes in little spaces across the house. Here are some not-so-festive treats for those with crafty fingers!

For some fab ornament patterns, cute key rings and my favourite, an Origami Crane mobile.... explore this fantastic blog... scroll back a bit for the origami and some other great ideas.

For mummies, daddies and kiddies:
Make a party hat, print out monster calenders and explore the games section. All good learning fun!

And last but certainly not least, take a look at my favourite website of all time. I can get lost on here for HOURS.... dont blame me when you suddenly realise its well past bed time and you havent eaten for 4 hours.....

For inspiration, ideas and a huge sense of jealousy (some of these houses are GORGEOUS!)


If you've any spring crafts/general crafts or anything else you'd like to share with the world, email us at themollyqueen@googlemail.com and we'll put them up!

Happy January!

Call for.... Stalls! The Night Market returns.

The Night Market will be returning to The Golden Fleece on Tuesday 28th February, we'll have some spiffingly, spectacular stall holders, some fabulous art work, marvellous musicians and scrummy food as well as being based in a lovely venue, with a lovely bar and lots of lovely people in it. 

What more could we ask for?

Free stuff? Well, it just so happens that there'll be free goody bags for the first 15 customers. Get in early to grab one, we open at 6!

6 - 10pm Tuesday 28th February 2012

Application deadline - February 10th

To apply, please email themollyqueen@googlemail.com with 'NIGHT' in the subject box
If you havent worked with MollyQueen before, please attach 3 quality images of your work and any links to websites/facebook so we can have a gander. Thank you!

xx MQ xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Call for.....writers!

Do you see yourself as a writer? MollyQueen are looking for two or three eager scribers to have a regular slot on the MollyQueen Blog to help us diversify our content and include lots of different opinions, tastes, stories, interviews, how to's, general creative nonsense and more....

We want to fill our blog with all things creative in Nottingham , interviews with featured artists, reviews of products, shops, galleries, poems, tv programs and most importantly.... advice and information about what we are up to and where you can find our artists.

If you want to be involved, even if you want to remain anonymous, just send me an email with a 'piece' on something important to you and we'll get back to you.

Thank you and we are looking forward to reading your posts!

(Yes, YOU....!)