Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Thought Box @ The Night Market

There are so many controversial topics we want to get started on but dont feel that we had enough input from you guys at the last market so...
its a Thought Box Repeat!

Here's the blurb from last time with some emphasis on the need for YOUR INPUT so we can write a blog post together, including lots of different opinions and voices in a purely discussional and only slightly biased round-up.

"In the middle of a bustling urban market, stands a box. An open box, surrounded by small pieces of brightly coloured paper. The box is full of scribbled notes, quotes, thoughts and sketches. Some lay piled on top of each other, some folded and standing to create emphasis. Other pieces lay around the box, blank, vacant and waiting for their message. Or atleast they will be tonight.... when the Thought Box appears at the Night Market to collect your voices."

If you'd like to be involved but cant make it on the day, email me at themollyqueen@googlemail.com with 'Thoughts' in the title and we'll make sure its included.

This month's topic:

"The World Vs Wall Street"

What are your thoughts? Please take a minute to make a note of your opinions and ideas, suggestions or quotes and enter them into the 'Thought Box' at the Marvellous Market on sunday. Look out for the featured blog post written by you next week!

-Occupy Wall Street? Why not occupy a Job?-

-You know thngs are messed up when librarians start marching-

-Wall street and corporations have corrupted the political process-

-Eer, Excuse me, this cubicle is occupied-

-Occupy Mordor (middle Earth) because one ring should not be allowed to rule them all-

-We stand with you in this struggle for real democracy. Together we can end the capture and corruption of our governments by corporate and wealthy elites, and hold our politicians accountable to serve the public interest. We are united, the time for change has come!-

-Occupy a venue, go to a gig and support local music


Coming soon.... Political Correctness, Feminism and a bit of a 'free for all'.

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