Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Sherwood Contemporary Craft Fair - A fabulous day!

What a fabulous day, So many talented crafters, makers and yummy spiced apple juice sellers. MollyQueen were in the same spot as last year, in the courtyard and were overwhelmed by the lovely warm reception from the lovely dwellers of sherwood. Well done to Rachel and Sophie for organising such a fabulous event, the one thing everyone kept asking was.... "when's the next one?" How about it guys?

We launched our new matchbox greeting cards yesterday, little personalised matchboxes with themed text for special occasions, including "Strictly Confidential, to be opened personally" and "My proposition is of the utmost importance.", Each matchbox comes with a miniature scroll so you can write your own personal message. 

Photo's coming soon! 

"In the Box"

In celebration of these little boxes of greetings, I've decided to start a new Community Art Project called 'In the box'. The idea is very simple really.... and quite a challenge. It involves finding 100 different items and fitting them into a standard sized match box. I have all ready started with mine! I'll be listing my items and posting photo's soon! 

This is an example I found online...
I particularly like the addition of the dead wasp....

Here's a few items all ready rattling around in mine:

1) A Jeera seed.
2) A Rosemary Leaf.
3) A Safety Pin.
4) The head of a toy farmer.
5) A Golden, foil love heart.
6) A Clove.
7) A Bay Leaf.
8) A Hair Pin.
9) A Filter Tip.

Get started on your own and email us your contents and we'll post them on here. Community art doesn't work without input from the community! ;)

If anyone manages to complete before The Night Market on Tuesday, they can have a matchbox greeting card of their choice for frreeeee!

xx MQ xx

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