Monday, 7 November 2011

Santa's Special Postbox - The winners!

Santa's special post box had a warm reception at yesterday's market, with lots of good little boys and girls writing to Santa asking for all sorts (and I mean ALL SORTS) of gifts for Crimbo..

Here's a selection of our favourites. The winner will be announced shortly with prizes available at the next market. There'll be a prize for humour, cuteness and anything else that makes santa giggle...

"Dear Santa,
Please can I have a big present of Love and happiness for Christmas
Rachel x"

"Dear Santa,
I have been a very good person all year long, it would make me very happy to receive a few gifts for christmas. I would be happy to just get one of the following:
1) a cake filled with smiles
2) a smile for a while
3) a mile of smiles
Lots of love

"Santa Baby,
Oh Santa,
You're so sexy.
All I want for Christmas is a kiss from you... x"

"Dear Santa,
For Christmas I wish to hear my own voice.
Bonnie x"

"Dear Santa,
Please may I have some more brio, a castle, sweeties, chocolate, duplo, (toy story duplo) iron man dvd, games, football goal and ball. I'm being a good boy for mummy and daddy.
Love Louy (age 3)"

"Dear Santa
A life size barbie
love scarlett

"Dear Santa
I am writing to you to ask for a wonderful present for Christmas. I have been a very good girl all year! (really!) so if you  please, could I have an amazing venue for the UnderGround Restaurant and Mollyqueen events along with a Kenwood Mixer.
x Beth x"

"Dear Santa,
Having now got my 2 front teeth - although they are a bit long now- what I would really like for Christmas is a long, slow sleigh ride, lit by a silvery moon with a man of age, wisdom and a popular personality. Someone with warmth, generosity and a good work/life balance. Failing that, chocs, wine and a sprinkling of delusion/illusion will suffice.
Have a good one and dont work too hard or forget anyone!
Love Jan x"

"Dear Santa,
I will leave it up to you... Please may i have something FABULOUS.
Love from Martin x"

"Dear Santa
World Peas Please!
Peas are the most joyful and surprising vegetables - they snuggle in their pod until it is time to go 'pop' then enliven the dullest meal with green vibes. Whats not to love? bring on world peas...
xx Alison"

"Dear Santa
I would love you to ask the universe on my behalf to find me and steve a B and B!"

And the winners are:

Cara Flynn for this entry, what beautiful writing you have, and how very humble and modest a request, my list was four pages long...! look out for your prize at the next marvellous market, on the18th December (unless mummy wants to pick it up at the Night Market?)

"Dear Santa
I would like a pink teddy and a little toy

And this one cause it made us giggle:

"Dear Mr Claus (Santa)
I would like for xmas a big car with a machine gun on top to kill the bad men.
Will (aged 29 3/4)"

William, Look out for your prize at the next Marvellous market/Night market xx

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