Thursday, 4 August 2011

On the Cusp of Something Marvellous.

 On the Cusp of Something Marvellous.

The Marvellous Market is just days away, We are incredibly excited, we are looking forward to a busy day will lots to see and do, taste, hear and take home. There is an artist breakdown page on our website so please do take a look (or trawl back through a few blog posts) and have a read about everything that will be going on on the day. 

We have 21 confirmed stall holders, Beth's fabulous UnderGround Bakery CAFE, 1 Featured Artist with an interactive piece,  Interactive Community Art Projects, Bar, Secret Garden, MollyQueen sponsored Charity and MORE.

Its going to be fabulous, but dont take my word for it, come and see for yourselves!

Keep reading to hear about what we've been up to recently...

DeerStock Beer and Music Festival in East Bridgford

A beautiful weekend, Fabulous friends, food and Glorious Sunshine! MollyQueen and the UnderGround Bakery were there, Beth serving her scrummy Indian food - including Dosai's, Dhal, Indian Breakfast, Gorgeous Indian donuts 
and lots more! For more info on the Notts Underground please visit and follow the links to the blog.
Cant beat a weekend of 'camping' without actually camping,
and being able to use a shower.
MollyQueen and Notts UnderGround 'Camp'
MollyQueen Stall

MollyQueen stall (from a more Arty angle)
The bands were all fab but our personal favourites are the lovely and incredibly polite - Ed Bannard and of course, the gentleman that is Mister Will Jeffery. He wears a suit and everything.

Chalk Drawing of mister jefferette
Simon dropped by to the Festival to see what was going on and was
swiftly chased out of the village.
Molly loves the dancing (and the applause)
 To sum up, we had a great weekend and are looking forward to next year! Hopefully there'll be a Marvellous Market on site and we'll advertise it to a few more Nottinghamians.

Beyond Borders

The featured Charity at our next market. We'll be collecting donations to help send a suitcase out to Haiti just before Christmas full of essentials and equipment. There's more info about the work that 'Beyond Border's does on our website, please take a look and dont forget to bring your spare change along to the market - we're aiming to fill a suitcase! 

The Stuff Of Life Festival

MollyQueen is on the Committee for the Fabulous Stuff of Life Festival this year, we are helping to arrange the Craft Stalls and so are taking applications as of next week. If you want to be in for a chance (very limited space) then please send an email to with 'STUFF' in the subject and you'll here from us next week.

Otherwise, hold your phone, we'll be back with more info nearer the time!

Oh, and the date is Saturday October 1st 2011 12 - 6pm

Last Years Festival from the MQ Debut Pitch

We've recently Been working on....

Customised and personalised greeting 'cards'. 
I say cards in speech marks because they arent really cards but until 
the photo's are done you'll never know...

A beautiful Novel covered Small table, will be on sale at the Market on Sunday....

Paper Crafts and Quilling......

Mannequin Modeling....


Dont forget, Federation Social Club, Claremont Road, Off Hucknall Road or Nottingham Road, Carrington, Nottingham, Sunday, yes, this Sunday, between 11 and 4, unless you are a confirmed stall holder in which case get there between 9.30 and 10......

see YOU there!

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