Saturday, 16 July 2011

Nottingham Workshop Summer Craft Fair, Free Art, Sleep Scene, Making, Mending and Mooching.

The Summer Craft Fair @ The Nottingham Work shop

What a great day! We'd like to say thanks to everyone who came down and showed their support, and also to those people we met that will be attending our next Marvellous Market AND a big thankyou to Deb who organised the day. The Food was fab, the artists super talented and the people were lovely. Not to mention the honey roast Coffee from The UnderGround Bakery. Yummy! The Venue is pretty spectacular too! I can safely say we'll be doing a lot more events here, some fab ideas for the future! And lovely people involved. (And thanks to the beautiful Bee lady for the photos!)
A dog in a rucksack!


Here's Some old Photo's from a Fish Themed pop up MollyQueen attended and helped to decorate. 
We now help Beth out with the UnderGround Bakery by personalising table decorations to suit the food. Perfect for parties! This is a little taster, there'll be more info coming soon.

Fish Quote Table Confetti
Message in a Bottle Menu Holders
Paper Fish Bones
One of our Centre Pieces - Mermaid on a wave

 ***A Marvellous Update about the next Marvellous Market 7th August***

We know have a bit of information regarding our community art Projects, we have launched a few new projects that will hopefully culminate into some spectacular public participating pieces. All we need is your help! Mixed up with the local crafters and makers, we'll have a series of stalls displaying projects based in and around Nottingham that you may like to take part in. Here's a sneak peak on a few of the different things to expect... 

Public Photography Presents:

Sleep Scene

This project aims to document the different scenes that people see before the close their eyes at night. We invite you to take a photo of your sleep scene; Be it a cracked ceiling covered with glow in the dark stars, a crooked and half open curtain covering the glimmer of dawn, the sleeping face of your beloved or just a blank wall. We'd like you to invite us into your homes and let us see what you see before you snooze. Nothing X-rated please!

Email your submissions to 

Sweet Dreams!

The Thought Box

Yes, you've guessed it. Its a box of thoughts. What do you think?

A project that's outcome is based purely on how everyone is feeling on the day. 
The results of the findings will be displayed as a work of art at the following Marvellous Market.
Pop along on the day to let us know your thoughts.
Penny for them? Etc.

They Say Charity Starts at Home, but in this case, it starts with a suitcase

At every Marvellous Market we will have a sponsored local charity, for the upcoming market, its a local nursery nurse who visits Haiti EVERY YEAR to spend time with some of the poorest children over Christmas time.

She spends 3 months helping the children to read and write, helping in schools and spending time with the families that have so little. We are raising the money so that we can pay for an extra suitcase to be taken with her this year containing essentials such as shoes, school uniforms, pens, underwear, socks, school bags, school equipment and more.

Please donate what you can towards the cost (fifty pounds) of taking an extra suitcase (or two!) on the plane so we can help make what this lovely lady does that little bit more amazing.

For more info please email me at or check back soon for a detailed bio and photographs of the children that we will be helping DIRECTLY (without having to pay managers/rent as most charities do).

Interactive Shadow Puppetry by Leanne Trappe

Aimed at children, this project will begin with a projector screen displaying puppets made out of interesting and unusual items. 

The children will be invited to speak into a mic to talk about what they can see happening on the screen and to help us to tell the story.

The voices will then be edited and pieced together to help create a narrative to the film.

And more!

A sneaky little enticement

And here's a little preview of the yummy cakes we'll be selling on the day, from The Occasional Cupcake... Mmmmm... and dont forget the UnderGround Bakery CAFE, the Live Music from Will Jeffery and Louis Scott AND the Secret Garden, Bar and lots and lots of friendly fabulous artists.

See YOU there! 

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