Sunday, 21 August 2011

MollyQueen is officially an Anti Riot business.

Therefore we will only discuss lovely things such as this: 

The amazing collection page to 'Do something nice for Ashraf' ; the poor boy that was mugged as he was being 'helped up' by a group of Britain's finest citizens. The page has raised over 22k and is probably still going. 

And this:

This fantastic website full of useful information for anyone wanting to help and some beautiful success stories to show the good side of the riots. 

And here is a little poem I wrote during one sleepless night:

I plan to leave printouts of it around our city.

So you grew up on the streets did you?
The gritty new estate.
You went to school and played it cool
And even learnt to skate.
You never had the best trainers
Though you always had a pair.
And always had the time to wash
And time to 'do' your hair.
You were bullied up through primary school
But kept a little group of friends.
You never were the coolest but
you tried to follow trends.
You left school with some gcse's
Enough to get a place
In your chosen college
Regardless of your race.
God knows where you got to now,
What life choices you made.
I'm sure you made lots of mistakes,
But somehow hit the grade.
And now you kick back in your crib, 
Watching this shit unfold
And feel like your the victim
In this society you behold.
The 'streets' from which you came from
Are like palaces to some.
The chances you were given,
All amount to some.
We are brought up in great britain
Where we envy the elite,
But at least we have got something
We can wear upon our feet.
Next time you get so angry
Don't feed it with a roar
Just remember we're the rich
And we're ignoring the poor.

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