Friday, 3 February 2012

Free Art - Get involved!

Free Art

There is nothing more exciting than finding a mystery gift addressed to a stranger, its akin to answering a phone box call, receiving a mystery valentines and getting mail from your pen pal. Free Art is a MollyQueen Community project that aims to spread the reach of Art to the community and incorporate the act of kindness and giving into daily life. All you have to do to get involved is make something, be it a painting, a picture, a sculpture, a sketch, a card, a  patchwork quilt, a poem, a flower moulded out of paper and tied with ribbon left hanging on a railing in Nice, a book mobile.....anything! As long as you consider it 'Art', then wrap it nicely with a note explaining the project and leave it out somewhere for a stranger to find.

Dont forget to take a photo of your item and its location so we can document the project as it expands over the city, the country....THE WORLD! Mwuahahahaha!

Please make sure that you're package is presented nicely and looks like a gift (we don't want to set any 'bomb alert' alarms off!) and make sure that 'Free Art' is clearly visible to the finder.

If you're intrigued and want to know more or would like any help with your ideas, pop along to the marvellous meeting on Tuesday to pick up a 'Free Art' package and get on your merry making way.

Here is the text for the 'Free Art' note if you want to get stuck in yourself...

"Hello and welcome to FREE ART - A Nottingham based project that aims to spread the joys of art and creativity to everyone. This gift is YOURS to keep, all you must do in return is make something yourself, a painting, a picture, a poem, a model made out of plastecine....(anything creative!) and leave it out for someone else to find. 
Leave a note like this one clearly visible to the finder to keep the project going.

Please take a photo of your work or what you have found and get involved on the 'Free Art' facebook page, or email for more info.

Happy Free Art!"

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  1. Imagine how deep it is to find one of these. I'm destined to make something for this.