Monday, 16 May 2011

The Third Marvellous Market is almost upon us!

Hello MollyCoddlers,

Its nearly THAT time of the month again, yes..... Market time! I've decided to do a break down of all the artists and features that will be taking place at this market on Sunday May 22nd.

We've got loads of tasty treats for you, with the wonderful UnderGround Bakery providing the savouries, including a picnic that you can carry to the lawn for a snack, OR you can toddle off to the arboretum for a spot of Green Festivalling. Anyway, enough mumbo... here's the info you really want:

Featured Artists:

Laura Stephenson - a fond favourite of ours, Laura will be there with her beautiful pictures, cards, vintage goodies, handmade hair clips, paintings, prints and more.

Caroline's Vintage shop - A beautiful selection of vintage items, including a wonderful collection of items that would compliment any eclectic decor. 

Sam's Jam - A wonderful range of home-made jams and home-fashioned jewellery. 

Loveable Sockies- Gorgeous Handmade Sock puppets for you to love, made with lots of care, with loving detail. And not a smelly sock in sight!

Brilliant Bunting - Lovely handmade personalised bunting, made to order with letters, pictures and extra pretty fabrics at very reasonable prices. Perfect for summer parties, decorating bedrooms/houses or as gifts! Gorgeous!Stacey's Cakes - A scrummy collection of beautiful cupcakes handcrafted by the lovely Stacey. A proud mother of two little beauties, this lady has started her own business making cupcakes and commissions for weddings and parties. Be sure to pick up a business card with your cakes! Yummy!

Jessica Hayes Gill - A debut Marvellous Marketer, Jessica has designed and made a range of tea towels which she will be showcasing in our restaurant. Eco- friendly and genuinely lovely, both Jess and her merch will leave you warm and with dry pots. (if you can bear to use them!)

Maurizio's lady - A wonderful selection of screen prints, home-made cards, gifts and more. This lovely lady has an eye for beauty and we look forward to her debut Market appearance.

Christine Stevenson - A collection of clothing, vintage goodies, home-ware and books, Christine's stall will leave you feeling that you've been lost in a back street antique shop in Portobello. She lived there once, dont ya now.

Lorna and Callum - This brother and sister duo will be supplying the paintings, ranging from Banksy style beauties to the surreal and less surreal. Lorna will also be supplying her range of Children's decorations.

Bees Makes Honey - We look forward to having the lovely Debra back with her fine selection of handmade bags and purses. Debra is one of those crafty creative types that 'has never attended a craft fair before' but has the natural air of someone who has done it their whole life. 

Serena's Chocolates - This lady, who makes festival clothing in her spare time, has created a lovely selection of handmade chocolates which also happen to be dairy free, wheat free and gluten free -and especially tasty! What more could we ask for?

Terrance The Totally Green Tiger - The first of the MollyQueen Children's collection, A Children's song, written by Lauren Hunt, Put to music by the incredibly talented Will Jeffrey and the reading supplied by local artist Emily Martin. Available for a weenish three pounds and fifty pence, With a whole pound of your cost going to the Sumatran Tiger Fund, Sumatran tigers are the smallest in their species and the most endangered. Sample the song on the day and take one home for your chiddlers!

MollyQueen Decoupage - A selection of decoupaged furniture and frames, book art and quilled pictures - also available on commission.

Activities and Art Projects:

Indian Head Massage - thats right, come and sit in a quiet corner of the room and let Tara massage that stress away. 

Mendhi/Henna- A lovely lady who decorates your hands with delicate mendhi patterns, an Indian wedding tradition. bBeautiful and very reasonable pricings at just £3.00 per hand (or both hands for £5)! Can last for up to 3 days depending on how often you wash your hands! Great for kids and grown ups, see Bali's portfolio for different designs and ideas.

The Travelling Scrapbook - contained within a suitcase, the travelling scrapbook is there for you to take to your table and add your entry to the book. Inside the case are pictures, stickers, magazines, photographs, scissors and glue - everything you need for a scrap booking session. 

The Expression Camera - Express yourself. We would like you to take a photo using our disposable camera, of an expression you have experienced strongly that day. Exaggerations welcome! 

Picture Line - Paper and Crayons supplied, you do the rest!

Public Poetry - Hidden around the venue is a small book entitled 'Public Poetry'. The rules are explained within! Keep an eye out as it wont stick around once it's been found! Public Poetry Three by Anonymous Nottingham. 

And MORE! because I'm sure i've forgotten something!

The doors will be open from 11am until 4pm, with the bar open from 12. 

See you there!

waves and wallpaper paste,

MQ xx

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