Tuesday, 10 May 2011

MollyQueen in May

Here are a few photos and a bit of an update on what we've been up to. Big plans in the making for the next couple of markets, also a fishy pop up restaurant event at the end of the month. I'll add the link at the end so you can take a look-see.

After the second market, which was a great success, we've been busy booking up the artists and stallholders for the next event, which is May 22nd - just a few weeks away. There is a much wider range of items at this market including on the day therapies such as 'Indian Head massage', there is also a Jam stall, Jewellery, Olives, Paintings, Locally designed Tea towels, Bags, Vintage Clothes and Goodies, Books, Children's poetry and Song and much more, including all the activities on the day. The Underground Bakery will be providing Picnic style food so you can take your savouries and sit on the lawn or take a toddle off to the Arbo for a spot of green festivalling. This makes it the perfect stop off on route! No?

Heres the MollyQueen 'Picture Line' in action. This was the first one, at the Market on the 27th March. Since then, we've had an Easter themed one and are looking forward to another twist on the tightrope. This is one of the activities for people to take part in during our Marvellous Market, along with 'Public Photography', the 'Travelling ScrapBook' and a Poetry Project by Anonymous Nottingham. (Keep an eye out for that one!)

A Woody burrow
This is an event at Woodborough Hall that we attended over the weekend, we had a fantastic time, met some lovely ladies, the men were sparse as it was a WOMENS event for WOMEN, it was a pamper day and all! I also discovered a beautiful little fable about the origin of my name, as told by a fellow name sharer. Best "other me" meeting ever! Heres a photo of the stall, set in a beautiful room, spread across 3 tables surrounding a window overlooking the lawns, the horse field and the place i wanted to be - next to the giant, outdoor Jenga.

 Terrance the Totally Green Tiger

We launched the first of our Children's collection CD at the last market, Its a colourful tale about a green tiger and his friends aimed at young children. The response was great, we've had lots of positive feedback from purchasers and most people just say "more, please!" which we are working on!

Terrance will be appearing again at this market and is available for a measly three fifty with one whole pound of that going to The Sumatran Tiger Fund. Sumatran tigers are the smallest of the tiger species and the most in danger, so we've decided to help him out. 

To find out more about Terrance or any of his friends, or to purchase a CD, please get in touch via the website www.mollyqueen.com

Terrance Display

Finder Keeper finds a frame

 This is a giant Print i found in Forest Fields, a very generous man was busy clearing out his garage and was more than happy to be rid. Getting it home with Molly and my bike was a challenge but well worth it. Its so huge and such a random piece of novelty i smile every time i look at it! The guy couldn't remember where it came from but he did say that he did exhibition displays for a living and that it was "Probably Anti-Depressants" or something. Woop!

Molly is there to show exactly how big it is! 
The Queen Quilled Quietly

This was my first attempt at Quilling and i am quite happy with the results. It is an attempt at a tree above a map of cambridge and has so far had quite a positive response. The next one i've started is going to be amazing IF i can get it to look how i want it to. Tough one!

I've also been trying to paint.... which i have discovered is not a talent i was born with..... i quite like them though.... need a bigger house with a room i never go in to display them.

A good excuse to drink

Then theres the bottle cap candles i made, recycled bottle-caps, old crayons and a bag of IKEA tea lights for wicks and wax. Lots of mess and lots of fun!
I'm selling these in little parcels of four for a pound fifty each! Yay!


And here is my new friend, he keeps me company during my cig before work, after work and occasionally during work. He's the most lovely dog and he even licked my hand today! Bless.

And on that note, i'm off as i have a messy kitchen to clean, a child to carry to bed (she's fallen asleep on the sofa), a living room to try and make sense of and some quilling to do.

Hugs and Hilltops!

See you at the next Market, MQ xx

The next Marvellous Market is Sunday the 22nd of May @ Hotel Deux
Doors open at 11 am and close to the public at 4pm. The bar will be open but closes at 4pm so the venue can get ready for the evenings events.

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