Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Festivities and the first Marvellous Meeting... Bring on 2012!


Thats that over for another year then! We have had an absolutely fabulous Christmas time, with wonderful family and friends, beautiful food, lovely presents and some really funny tv programs to watch. The shop of stuff being one of the highlights! An absolute Dickins piss-take with hilarious consequences... not to be missed! Catch it on I-player...

Best played after Eight.

Another highlight was that of watching my family attempt to get an 'after Eight' chocolate from their forehead to their mouths without using their hands. Yes it looks as silly as it sounds. Lay the mint on your forehead (without the wrapper) and wriggle, shake, wobble your face, changing expressions fast helps to slowly ease the sweet down to somewhere you can reach it with your tongue. Word of advice, take it in turns so you can watch each person's attempts, have a video camera to hand and a few face-wipes nearby!


MollyQueen is taking a well deserved and much needed break over Christmas and into the New Year, with no events planned for January at all and the possibility of a mini one in February. There will be marvellous meetings though, so if you are a keen creative and want to be involved in the Mollyqueen Collective please read on!

MollyQueen's Marvellous Meeting

All those people that have been a part of MollyQueen throughtout 2011 are invited to the first Marvellous Meeting @ The Loft
on Tuesday 17th January
from 7pm

It will be a 'make session' so please bring something to work on, be it your knitting, a sketch or two, a painting (not too messy!) or a model made out of pipe-cleaners. Whatever your medium, use it to keep your fingers busy while we get together to plot and plan what is in store for MollyQueen in 2012.

This is an open invite, if you are unsure of whether or not you wish to be involved and want to know what its all about please get in touch or pop along, its a fun and social event as well as being incredibly serious and business minded (ha!).

Other than that, we'll see you all in 2012 for lots of creative fun, events and marvellous events.

Happy New Year one and all!

If anyone is free tonight, thats the 28th December, get yerselves down to the Bodega Social for Sounddhism - AMAZING lineup.... dont miss out!

Miraculous Miracles and Heaven sent Holidays

Mollyqueen xx

(Mansfield Road, Nottingham City Centre)

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