Monday, 19 September 2011

Mostly Marvellous, a Little bit Nice and a whole lot of french paper.

Bonjour mon amis!

Less than a week to go before the Marvellous Market once again takes over the Federation Social Club on Claremont Road. We've 23 stall holders in total, ranging from henna tattoo artists (really beautiful and intricate designs) through to vintage bags and accessories, textiles, paintings and cards. 

Our Community Art projects are back, with Public Poetry, Public Photography, Free Art, The Thought Box and The Picture Line so there'll be plenty of stuff to do while you're waiting to have your tarot cards read in the 'cave' in the garden. 

We've also got a special guest attending, Maureen of 'Beyond Borders' is the lady responsible for the wonderful charity work in Haiti that we advertised last month. She'll be there to raise money for her amazing cause and tell you all about the fantastic work she does and the wonderful kids she helps.

The UnderGround Bakery will be there with her amazing array of cakes, savouries and scrummy recipes alongside the bar which will be serving teas and coffees amongst their usual range of bevvies.

We have live music from the fabulous Louis Scott, Emily Rachel Martin and Alexa Hawksworth from 1pm so theres no excuse not to hang around, be sociable, get creative and open those ears.

Here's that list of Stall Holders again:

The UnderGround Bakery
Knot Just Jigs
Jolie Maidment
Katie Stainer
Meggan's Vintage Bags
Cara Amira
Yarn Loft
Alison Hand
The Occasional Cupcake
Lindsay's Cards
Claudia Schaaf
Laura Stephenson
Tarot Readings
Sue Richards
Alison Knox
Amy Hoddinot
Mwanabibi Sikomo
Frances and Ruth
Mama's Cauldron
MollyQueen Decoupage
Bees Make Honey

Nice times

Halfway through a splendid holiday in Nice, a strange feeling erupted in my chest and mind, It took me a while to realise but once the shock had died down, I discovered that it was relaxation. Possibly the first time I've felt it since that little bumpy thing flopped out of my tummy about 4 years ago. That lasted about 3 hours and then I began to suffer another strange feeling, that I'm sure you're all aware of - craft withdrawal symptoms. Then it hit me, I should make Free Art french! So I did.

Using several pages from the psychologies magazine that I had demolished on the plane journey, about 30 cm of thread, a hair bobble, a ribbon of netting, some severe boredom and a bit of free time while the boy watched football, I created my first Free Art Flower. I'm a bit in love with it and I hope that whoever found it was too! Here's a not so good photo (my phone camera is rubbish) but hopefully the finder will post a nice photo of it when it has found its home.

If anyone has photo's of their Free Art contributions, please email them to and I'll post them for all to see.

French Paper

I managed to read more during my week away then I have done in the whole year at home. This impressed me. I also managed to think less during the whole week then I have done in the space of one day back home. But somewhere in the middle a combination of the two struck a bond of mutual affection and planted an idea into my head.

Paper chains. 

Lots and lots of beautiful paper chains.

Watch this space...

And on that (rather bizarre) note, I shall leave you to ponder paper chains and to relax into the fun and comfortable idea of a wonderful arts and crafts market on sunday full of nice people, amazing art, creative genius,  marvellous music, scrummy food and most of all..... about 10 degrees less warmth than in Nice.

Isnt England just Marvellous?

xx MQ xx

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