Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Two Little Fishes

Here's a Sneak peek of the decorations we did for the UnderGround Pop-up - 'The Fish and The Loaves', last weekend. These photo's were taken during construction so arent quite finished but you get the general gist. Themed Crafts are great fun, and look great as decorations. The more random and sporadic the better - talking points for guests!

I'll upload the pic of them in action on the night as well as the menu and some more info about the UnderGround Restaurant. The next one is going to be amazing!

I'll be back later with a few more pictures and some info about what we are going to be up to over the next few weeks. We've been busy crafting away for a fab vintage event next week @ MOOG and another fabulous pop up day in Sherwood, again; vintage themed! Perfect!

Sardines Frame  
This frame is decoupaged with pages from an old book and has two sardines placed in the middle. Heavily varnished for a retro look. 

The following pictures are of table decorations that were placed around the venue 
on the evening of the meal.
Fishy Circle - Table Cut-outs
School of Fishy Cut-outs
Driftwood Fish Bones Table Decoration
Paper Fish Bones Table Decoration
Centre-Piece Book Sculpture - Fish and Ships
Fish and Ships front view
This piece is entitled 'The Breaking Wave'. It has coiled pages with quilled paper and wire extended fish overflowing over the edge of the wave. The wave ends with a neat fold and layered at the front edge are words describing the flow and feel of a wave as it breaks.
'A Breaking Wave' Book Sculpture Centre-piece
"Breaking Wave" Side View
This piece is my favourite, a double sided wave sculpture with a folded fishing boat in the centre. Since this photo, i added quilled coils and wire extended fish to create more 'bounce' and character cut-outs from magazines to populate the boat. 
Centre Piece - Quilled Fishing Ship
Side View - Quilled Fishing Ship
This is my little creative companion, who generally sits quietly while i cut and curl. Although to tell the truth, she's distracting even when she's well behaved.
My Creative Companion

The Next photo's are of a few vintage style cards i made for the event at MOOG on Thursday the 9th.

The event is called Urtopia and is all about recycling old things into new and beautiful things. There'll be more info coming soon about this event, its an evening one and looks set to be amazing! Lots of crafty brands and designers there to show off their stuff and party with you - DJ's and food available too. What better? Oh! Vintge clothes! Yes :)

Here's another decoupaged picture i've been working on. 
Not quite finished yet but you get the colourful idea!

This is a book mobile that i left hanging in the street as a gift of 'Free Art'. A new project i am starting, the idea is that you find something and give something back to a complete stranger. If you would like to partake please get in touch and i'll tell you what to do!

And finally, here's a beautiful double rainbow to make your eyes smile.

Back soon (Oooh! That sounds like 'Backsun') 

p.s. Watch Winnie the Pooh The Original.... pretty.

Magnificence and Marvellousness

xx MQ xx

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