Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Productive week.



I Got a little bored one day and decided to put up a photo montage. Kind of.


Then i decided it was high time to get crafty….. so i did.

Book Mobiles

Using the Book Mobile idea i thought it would be nice to try a few different mediums. This one is using a Beano Comic. I also had a badass idea for a future project which i will post as soon as I've got around to attempting it!


This Book Mobile was a first attempt at trying to structure the shapes by introducing folds, circles and of course…. squiggly bits. I quite like the outcome and all though its a bit more time consuming its incredibly satisfying.



The leftover bits then led me to try and ‘draw’ an image with them….. a tree seemed most obvious. (Of course)



Then came the book ‘Sculpture’. Not sure what i think but the birdie loves it. He’s called George.




Finder Keeper Found a Frame

This i found leaning against a bin in Forest Fields. Its a beautifully detailed silk painting of birds and was sadly discarded as the silk had ripped at the sides and come away from the frame. Nothing a bit of love and attention couldn't resolve, it now has pride of place on my mantelpiece. Lovely.



Crappy Cushions

Literally crap.



Mostly finishing bits off for the big market but I'll post some images anyway! These are two of a set of three nesting tables that my dear one rescued from a car park in Robin Hood’s Bay for me to customise. Sadly the largest of the three is too wobbly to sell so I'll be keeping it for myself ;)


This is a Lazy Susan that i customised using an old 70’s cookbook. I aged the pages slightly before varnishing to give it that ‘retro’ look. I love it a bit too much so I'm secretly hoping no one buys it.


Mirror. I love this piece, its got so many little quirks and images that i might keep it for myself. Can we buy ourselves Mothers Day presents?


Finally, an old vintage style hall table (taller than it looks in the picture) decoupaged in a black and white colour scheme with a teenish appearance of Twiggy in her 60’s eyelash blazing glory.

Also aged and varnished for a bit of 'retrospective’.


Origami Love

I started to make Origami Love Hearts as they are the Crafty ‘How To’ that we’ll be giving away at the market tomorrow. I was wondering what i could make to show people the different things you can use them for (and how easy it is) and came up with this cute little decoration. It could be varnished for strength and durability and i am looking forward to adding a selection of beads to the end of the string to give it a bit more weight. Very simple and effective though, i look forward to seeing people’s creations!



And on that note, i shall now GO TO BED as i have places to be upon the morrow.

Peace and Paintbrushes

Lauren @ MollyQueen xx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Marvellous Market – Sunday 27th March


Its nearly time! We’ve 10 featured Artists confirmed so far this month…

flyer possibility

Come on down to see what our artists have been up to, to stock up on local crafts, Home-made freshly baked bread and gorgeous locally made cupcakes. There’s also loads to get involved with, lots of community events to discover and some local music to sample.

Our Market will be held every fourth Sunday every month so if you cant make this one there’ll always be next time! With featured artists every month and a few spaces for non-member artists, there’ll always be new stuff to see and do.

We cant wait and look forward to seeing you there!

MollyQueen xx

Fellow Creative's, though space is limited, please do get in touch if you’d like to showcase your work as we are all ready booking for April and May.

Hotel Deux Website

MollyQueen Website

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spring a ling a ling ting ting...

Things are really starting to move forward here at the MQ head office. The website is moving on and we're starting to fill up the links page with other local crafters.

We're also busy booking ahead for our Summer events, we've got a stall at this fantastic looking event in East Bridgford; DeerStock Beer and Music Festival. Theres some awesome music and lovely beer and tickets are on sale at a low advance price at the moment, including camping! Woooo!

Check out the Festival homepage for more info -----> and we'll see you there!

We are also waiting for confirmation on a few other events, make sure you sign up for the mailing list to hear first hand about up and coming fun stuff.

Our MollyQueen opening night is also coming up soon, date to be announced soon! It is going to be a fun filled frolic of an evening open to the public as well as our members, with a mini sale, free how-to's and more info about what we do! Plus lots of lovely people, nice conversations and a chance to get inspired or involved with our on going projects.

Hope you are enjoying the occasional splashes of sunshine we've been having and are looking forward to the summer!
I know we are <3