Thursday, 16 June 2011

So what's going on at this Market then?

Mollyqueen's Marvellous Market - Artist Breakdown

Dont forget we've changed Venue!

We will now be @ The Federation House Social Club
on Claremont Road (which is off Hucknall Road and Nottingham Road)
Sunday 7th August 11am - 4pm

There is a huge carpark and there are buses that run up Hucknall Road and Nottingham Road. (any of the 'brown line' outside Waitrose and 'Yellow line' outside TKMaxx in town)

For those of you that have never been to a Marvellous Market before, here is a bit of information and a list of Stallholders and their particular talents. The Market is Marvellous because not only is it full of local artists, crafters, makers and shakers it is mixed up with community Art projects, Live music, events, activities and theres plenty to see and do. The Underground bakery is our main attraction and for this market will be featuring an actual sit-down, cafe style menu. The New Venue is a lot bigger than Hotel Deux and we have the benefit of a hidden garden at the back of the building (you can access this side too! From Ebury Road) so if you dont fancy sitting infront of the stage and warming your ears to a spot of live, local music then you can wander on outside and soak up some sun. (hopefully!)

Anyway, enough jabber jabber, here's the breakdown! As we book more artists i will be adding to this, if i've missed you out send me a nudge to or poke me on facebook..... ;)

The UnderGround Bakery Cafe
The Underground bakery is looking forward to having more space to play around with at this new venue. Not only will they be there with the normal range of delectable savoury and sweet treats, but there'll be a cafe-style, sit down menu on offer as well as a chance to stock up on your freshly made, home baked breads. For those of you that attended the secret Tea party in Sherwood, you'll have had a taste of whats in store; for those that havent.... i hope i've tenderly tickled your taste buds.

Live Music

Drum roll please......... We have the amazingly talented and wonderful musical genius that is WILL JEFFERY performing on the day, with a little help from his friend LOUIS SCOTT.

More artists TBC


Ali Bee - Textiles Designer of pure brilliance and creativity. Her creations have real character and really make an impression. Beautifully thought out, made and  sewn with real skill and talent, Ali's stall will leave you wishing you'd learnt how to sew and had stayed on for Art at school.

Laura Stephenson - I think I said too many nice things about this lady before, so i'll tone it down this time. Laura is a very talented painter and always has a beautiful stall full of her range of work including gorgeous little home-sewn gifts, bags and purses, prints, vintage knick knacks and little pretty things.

Get Sneaky - Ok, I met this lady at an event a few weeks ago and was blown away by the range of creative items she had on her stall, and how it was displayed! She's obviously a genius, the ethos is all about recyling old, unused and unwanted items into glorious, beautiful and wanted items. This website really deserves a good look! Sneak over here.

Jess Hayes Gill - A fantastical designer lady, Jess will be there with her amazing range of tea towels and prints.

Corrina Rothwell - anyone who is planning to attend Sherwood Secret Garden Craft Fair will have noticed Corrina's amazing illustration as she designed the flyers! With a fab range of greetings cards, prints and more, she'll be there filling our faces with her hilarious sense of humour and super style. Check out her website here.

Christine and Betsy's Wares - This mother-daughter team have been busy building up a beautiful stock of vintage knick knacks, clothing and artwork. With an eye for beauty and not enough room at home to keep everything, their stall is always worth a good old rummage. You'll leave feeling as though you've just fallen out of a back street shop on portobello. She used to live in London dontcha know.

Emma's WoodShop - Literally, a genius with wood, this super lady personalises, renovates and makes hand crafted wooden letters, furniture, frames and anything you can think of in wood. We're very excited for Emma's debut stall.

Bees make Honey - They do you know, and as we know that bees make honey, we also know that this fabulous lady makes beautiful hand made, home sewn bags, purses and other exquisite items. That bloke of hers is quite talented too! Ask about the perfectly designed craft table and display tables she uses to showcase her wares.

Rosa's Ribbons - Shabby Chic inspired Gifts. This website seriously deserves a look-see. Tie a ribbon round your 'mouse' finger here.

MollyQueen Decoupage - We're back with our usual range of creative nonsense but this time we have gone for more of a display of our furniture and customisation service. We have also branched out a bit into other directions, including paper art, cards and prints. Come take a look see!

The Occasional Cupcake - For that sweet tooth of yours, or your boyfriends, or your childrens, mum's grandma's etc. the Occasional cupcake will be there providing her usual, amazing range of sweet treats and all things sweet for you to enjoy on the day or take home for a nibble on later. Does commissions too. Dont forget to ask her for a card!#

Ruth and Franble's Colourful Creations - Two colourful creatives are coming to showcase their wares. Pictures and Prints to textiles and cushions.

Sam's Jams - A firm favourite of ours, Sam will be back with her tasty range of home made jams and marmalades along with her new range of soaptastic goodies! A crafting genius, this lady will leave you wanting to run home and run the bath (and stick some bread in the toaster).

Yarn Loft - Exactly what it says on the tin, A supplier of all crafters... The Yarn Loft will be there with her beautiful and inspirational range of materials and yarn's to send anyone home with a cunning craft idea (and hopefully the motivation to follow it through!)

Activities, Installations and Art Projects

Interactive Art installation by Leanne Trappe
Shadow Puppets
(more info coming soon!)

Massage Therapy

Tarot Readings


Public Poetry

Public Photography

The Thought Box

We are still waiting on a few confirmations so dont worry if your name isnt on the list! Just send me an email and we'll get that sorted. Dont forget to check back nearer the time as i'll be updating this list and adding activities, projects and more so you know what to expect!

For now, Thats all, but do please check back nearer the time as there will be more to read about, get intrigued about and to come and quell your curiosities about on the day.

MQ xx

If you are a crafter and want to know more about this or future events please email me at and i'll get back to you.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Joyous June, Vintage Tea Parties, Crafting and a lot to look forward to.

Happy June Everybody! Hope you are all enjoying the intermittent sunshine and floods of rain.

We've been a busy bunch here at MollyQueen, recovering from our last Market, which was a great success and attending some fantastic events in our fair city. Thanks to everyone who came along, and to all of the artists who featured their work. We dont have many photo's of the day, so if anyone has any please send them in to us and we'll get them up!

The Next Marvellous Market is going to at a different venue, located just 2 minutes away from Hotel Deux. It will be at The Federation Social Club which is on Claremont Road and is easy to get to from either Nottingham Road or Hucknall Road. We are very excited, this is set to be the biggest market yet! We have room for double the amount of stalls, we have a large stage for live music and entertainment AND there is even room for an Underground Restaurant Cafe. (Not actually Underground)

There is also a large car park and a SECRET GARDEN so you can relax on your Sunday afternoon and 'catch some rays', 'chill' or whatever it is we do these days...

Sunday the 7th August between 11 - 4pm 
@ The Federation Social Club on Claremont road
(Venue can be access from both Ebury Road AND Claremont Road, 
but the Car park entrance is on Claremont road)

The market will be open to the public between 11 and 4pm and the bar will be open serving drinks, teas and coffees all day. For more info on the market or to apply as a stall holder, please email me at

Anyway, here's a bit of what we've been up to recently, and what we have coming up before the next Marvellous Market.

Book Mobiles

Drying the Glue

Final Result,
not the best photo but you can see the swirly whirlies i put in!

 Urtopia @ Moog - MQ on the Road - Thursday 9th June

We are waiting for the photos, but can say that it was a fantastic night, met loads of wicked people and won a fantastic set of scales on the raffle! Ha ha!
Urtopia is a travelling boutique that raises money for Macmillan Cancer Support and is run by a super dooper lady called Emilie who is basically, rather fabulous.

We are hoping that Urtopia will have a section at our next market, pop back nearer the time for an update and a full breakdown of artists!

We were also lucky to meet the owner of this fluffy fellow, the lady from Sneaky, another fabulous organisation that we hope to have featuring at our Market. The ethos of this company is recycling and re-using what some people may consider as rubbish to make amazing, creative and beautiful items ranging from record ear rings and jewellery all the way to cheeky garters and funky fascinators. Take a look at their website here.

UnderGround Bakery Vintage Tea Party - Saturday 11th June

On Saturday we tagged along as the UnderGround Bakery took over a small unused shop space in sherwood and used the spacious veranda to serve a selection of cream teas, afternoon teas, sandwiches and scones. 

A wonderful day had by all, read about it and see some photo's at the UnderGround Bakery blog here.

Coming up in our Diary

Craft Fair @ Nottingham Workshop Sunday 10th July 11am -3pm

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Two Little Fishes

Here's a Sneak peek of the decorations we did for the UnderGround Pop-up - 'The Fish and The Loaves', last weekend. These photo's were taken during construction so arent quite finished but you get the general gist. Themed Crafts are great fun, and look great as decorations. The more random and sporadic the better - talking points for guests!

I'll upload the pic of them in action on the night as well as the menu and some more info about the UnderGround Restaurant. The next one is going to be amazing!

I'll be back later with a few more pictures and some info about what we are going to be up to over the next few weeks. We've been busy crafting away for a fab vintage event next week @ MOOG and another fabulous pop up day in Sherwood, again; vintage themed! Perfect!

Sardines Frame  
This frame is decoupaged with pages from an old book and has two sardines placed in the middle. Heavily varnished for a retro look. 

The following pictures are of table decorations that were placed around the venue 
on the evening of the meal.
Fishy Circle - Table Cut-outs
School of Fishy Cut-outs
Driftwood Fish Bones Table Decoration
Paper Fish Bones Table Decoration
Centre-Piece Book Sculpture - Fish and Ships
Fish and Ships front view
This piece is entitled 'The Breaking Wave'. It has coiled pages with quilled paper and wire extended fish overflowing over the edge of the wave. The wave ends with a neat fold and layered at the front edge are words describing the flow and feel of a wave as it breaks.
'A Breaking Wave' Book Sculpture Centre-piece
"Breaking Wave" Side View
This piece is my favourite, a double sided wave sculpture with a folded fishing boat in the centre. Since this photo, i added quilled coils and wire extended fish to create more 'bounce' and character cut-outs from magazines to populate the boat. 
Centre Piece - Quilled Fishing Ship
Side View - Quilled Fishing Ship
This is my little creative companion, who generally sits quietly while i cut and curl. Although to tell the truth, she's distracting even when she's well behaved.
My Creative Companion

The Next photo's are of a few vintage style cards i made for the event at MOOG on Thursday the 9th.

The event is called Urtopia and is all about recycling old things into new and beautiful things. There'll be more info coming soon about this event, its an evening one and looks set to be amazing! Lots of crafty brands and designers there to show off their stuff and party with you - DJ's and food available too. What better? Oh! Vintge clothes! Yes :)

Here's another decoupaged picture i've been working on. 
Not quite finished yet but you get the colourful idea!

This is a book mobile that i left hanging in the street as a gift of 'Free Art'. A new project i am starting, the idea is that you find something and give something back to a complete stranger. If you would like to partake please get in touch and i'll tell you what to do!

And finally, here's a beautiful double rainbow to make your eyes smile.

Back soon (Oooh! That sounds like 'Backsun') 

p.s. Watch Winnie the Pooh The Original.... pretty.

Magnificence and Marvellousness

xx MQ xx